Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Losing hope

So, I am currently on day 13 of my cycle.  I started this cycle out without much hope for it because my period seemed different than usual, and I've had a night or two with night sweats (very common with DOR) and then I've had some blood sugar issues as well.  My body in general is just feeling "off".  I kept hoping that as my cycle went on things would improve, but they are not.  The latest I ever gotten my first + OPK has been cycle day 12.  The line for me usually starts off light and gets darker.  There is hardly even a second line at all.  Furthermore, for about half the day now I've had cramps, very similar to when I get my period.

So, the girl who I found out got her BFP is going in for her beta today and once that comes back positive she is going to post her BFP for all of the FB world to see.  I got my Masters in May 2011 and since then every girl in my class who wanted children have given birth to them.  They all conceived within 3 months of graduation.

I'm trying not to cry right now, but it's hard.  I have acupuncture this evening so I'm curious as to what he has to say.  I hate my body, I just feel ugly and broken right now.


  1. I'm hoping your ovulation is coming and just later than normal. Please do update with what your acu says!

  2. My acu says he isn't sure either what's going on right now, but to try and stay calm. He said there's a good chance the follie is still growing and I may O later or it could just be an anavulatory cycle. He did make a supplement change due to the blood sugar issue. He wants me to reduce in inositol since he says that can interact with blood sugar. He told me to email him by Friday with any changes or on Friday if there haven't been any changes and we'll go from there. I feel better just having gone and see him and talked to him. He's very calming, plus the acu itself helps.