Monday, July 30, 2012


So, I am officially past ovulation at this point, just not sure how much.  My chart and I seem to be having a disagreement and tomorrow I have acupuncture and will see what he thinks about things.  Hopefully good news!!

I am still doing okay mood wise, but I've had the worst cramps so far during this Luteal Phase.  This really has been a crappy cycle throughout every stage of it and I look forward to it being over in about a week or so.

So, I've been debating offering to throw a friend of mine a baby shower.  She is a real sweetheart and I'm honestly happy for her pregnancy.  She's so nice and understanding that it really hasn't been bothering me.  I even messaged her today just to find out the gender-boy!  The baby is due in December and I'm thinking of throwing it in November.  Probably before Thanksgiving.  Of course while it doesn't bother me today, it might in November if I have yet to conceive and here she is about to pop, but I think I'll still be okay.  I have days where it kills me not to hold a baby and I feel she's one I could go to her house and hold her baby for a while, if that makes any sense at all.  I welcome your opinions on it.

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  1. I definitely understand how one friend's pregnancy can affect you differently than another friends. I have one friend that was so kind and sweet in the way she told me of her pregnancy to try and spare my feelings just months after my miscarriage, that I've felt nothing but joy for her. (everyone else, watch out!) I think that if you throw the shower you are bound to have a few "deep breath" moments, but you'll get through it and probably be glad you did it for your friend.