Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the name of TTC

So, most of TTC when you have fertility issues just plain and simple SUCKS!!!  You are either waiting to ovulate, waiting for AF, praying for some kind of miracle.  Looking for signs from everywhere that it's meant to be this time.  Telling yourself why x month is "really" the best month to have a baby, etc.

However, if you find a bright spot somewhere, you just go for it and enjoy it.  I got a bright spot yesterday.  My husband was leaving town for his job before I got home from work yesterday and not to arrive back until very late Thursday night.  So this leaves Tues and Wed where we couldn't "try" and I'm approaching my fertile period.  In fact, today is day 14 of my cycle. So......  this is what we did.

My husband mostly works from home since his job is really in another city.  I picked up a sandwich for him for lunch, snuck away from my job, and met him at home for a little rendezvous, and ran back to work.  It was a bit of thrill to sneak away and have a quickie like that and we were both quite into it.  Of course now my OPK is still negative, so I may not ovulate for a few days, but ovulation can sometimes sneak up on you, so better safe than sorry.  :-)


  1. Love, love, love lunch time romps! So glad you were able to add a little fun and spice!

  2. Que the sexy music! Haha! Sounds fun, and glad you got it in. Also hoping you ovulate pronto or when he gets back!