Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping hope alive

Well, here it is.  I know today is probably going to be the last day of my cycle.  Tomorrow could also be it, but probably today.  The last day or so I've been pretty down about everything.  I work in the education system and for summer I had one of two goals, either increase my salary (I did some job searching and applied for a promotion) or conceive.  Summer is over and I didn't do either one.  I'm the kind of person who measures my success in life by achievements and so to me I failed.

I am a member of an amazing thread on babycenter and one of the members helped bring a few things to my attention, first of all, she said that I need to see how much I really did accomplish this summer.  My ovulation date has been extended and my LP has been extended as well.  My body has really made some good progress this summer.  Also, to do something for myself and take care of myself.

Well, yesterday I was going to get ice cream as Baskin Robbins, but my husband was unable to go, so I ended up getting an expensive kindle book for myself to enjoy.  I typically only try to get the dollar or two dollar ones, but I actually got a $12.00 book that I look forward to reading.  I also looked at my past charts and saw really how well my body has done and I am going to be proud of myself.

This chance is gone, I know I'm not pregnant this time.  It's okay and I'm okay.  A new opportunity is going to start for me and maybe I'll have a May baby.  Everyone knows this is probably ideal for anyone in the education system.  Not that I'm planning anything around that, but if it works out that way, then why not?  I have acupuncture tomorrow morning as well and he's going to make some adjustments to my supplements because of the cramping and stuff.

This weekend some very good friends of mine are coming into town and I'm going to enjoy their company.  We are going to the beach on Saturday and then next weekend I plan to go to my favorite piano bar and have a good time.  I am trying very hard to enjoy the life I have now while working on the life I want to have and hopefully I will succeed.

Oh, and May would have also been Chase's birthday, so maybe my new Chase will arrive then as well.  Cycle #18, I am ready for you!


  1. Your confidence is inspiring!! I hope you have a great weekend with your friends and I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for us to have May babies!! Hug. (Love, love, love my kindle...what book did you get!?)

    1. Thank you Suzanne! I was kind of in a bad place and I just had to pick myself back up. Here's hoping for our beautiful May babies!!!!

      I love, love my kindle too!! I'm a very avid reader. I was in a Tudor family kick for a while and those can be a bit pricey, so I took a break, but I treated myself to The Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. I've read a few things by her, The War of the Roses, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Innocent Traitor: a Novel of Lady Jane Gray, and The Lady Elizabeth. I also like Phillipa Gregory a lot. I have a variety of stuff I read, but the Tutor stuff has been really interesting. I got into all the Cleopatra stuff too for a while, so was torn between another Cleopatra book or a Tutor book.

  2. Being able to look back and compare cycles is probably the one thing I like best about charting, even though that darn thermometer drives me nuts! Glad you're able to focus on how far you've come and are treating yourself and enjoying life. Have so much fun at the beach!!

  3. I hope you have an awesome weekend! I agree that you have achieved a lot. Maybe not exactly what you wanted, but definitely some very good things that will get you there. Glad you treated yourself to a good book, and I hope you enjoy spending time with your friends!