Friday, August 24, 2012

Looking at the signs..... This HAS to be my cycle!

Today is my cycle day 16!!!!!  Guess what?  I got my +OPK!!  This means I am going to ovulate.  I was feeling hopeful about this cycle from the get go, mostly because the last one was so awful.  I was a bit nervous I'd miss my window with my husband being out of town for a couple of days, but he came back last night and my window opens today (still had fun with the tryst though, LOL!).

However, I'm feeling especially excited more than ever that this really and truly is my cycle.  Why?  Well, because:

1. This is my 6th full acu cycle.  A lot of people believe that this is often the "magic cycle".  Here's hoping!!!!
2. My body waited until my husband was back in town to ovulate.
3. Later ovulation!!
4. CHASE!!!!  What about Chase?  Well, lets consider:
4a. If I conceive this cycle it would be within a year of his death.  My premonition from about five years ago, before I even imagined TTC would take me down this road.
4b. My due date would be May, May was Chase's birth month (May 5th to be exact)
4c. I will most likely ovulate tomorrow, CD 17!  Chase was 17 years old when he passed away.
5. My body has made such great improvement all over!!  I really think it's ready for this amazing gift!!

This might sound a little crazy, but I'll take hope wherever I can find it and why not?  Why wouldn't this be my cycle???  

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  1. KMFX for you!! I love the positive energy you've got this month. That's always a great thing! Good luck and have lots of fun bd'ing this weekend. I'm so glad hubby is back and it's all falling into place!