Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My house is too clean and too quiet

So, I had an incredible weekend.  I loved having my friends over, David gets along great with the husband and I love the wife.  They brought their two awesome children, a 6 yr old boy and  2.5 year old girl.  I couldn't believe how much a child can do at 2.5 years!!  She was talking non-stop, going up and down stairs, fully potty trained, eating with utensils, drinking from a cup....  The list goes on.  I loved having the kids at the house!  On Friday we hung around the house and BBQ'd and had a blast!  I have toys and stuff at my house for kids friend's so they were coloring and doing puzzles on Friday.

Saturday we went to the beach.  It was awesome!!!!  We packed a cooler full of stuff and just a blast.  We spent all day out on the beach going in the water and having snacks.  The kids were digging in the sand with shovels and boogy boarding.  Both kids can swim, but the little one had on her floaties and I took her out into the water and we would jump when the waves came and she would squeel and laugh.  It was just pure magic.  We ate out that night and come home pretty late and crashed.

Sunday morning the parents were sleeping in and the little girl came into the living room and started asking me so many questions, what's this, why?, what is that?, just everything.  Her mom yells down at me, she's not bugging you, is she?  I'm like, definitely not!  I love it!  I loved answering all the questions, and I gave her juice and she watched some cartoons while I made breakfast.  Then we headed out to the space center and had a blast there.  Then they had to leave to go back home.  It was hard to say goodbye, but I was pretty tired and so came home and relaxed and went to bed.

Then Monday I had off from work, since the district starts back on Tuesday.  I cleaned the house and was down by lunch and just felt so sad.  I realized my house was nice, clean, and quiet.  Not the way I want my house anymore.  I missed the children something horrible and just want them back.  I was crying and moody for most of the day.  My friend posted all our pics on Facebook and I felt better after seeing them, but that emptiness is in there.

Please, God, please, I want a baby so bad!!  Please promise me it's going to happen. It just has to.  With all my heart and soul I want to be a mom.


  1. It sounds like a really lovely weekend and that little girl sounds so cute! I know how lonely a quiet house can be sometimes. I have no doubt that our time to be a mom will come and come soon!! Hugs!

  2. Awh, boooo on big empty houses! I feel your pain. So ironic that I waited, because I didn't want to be living in an apartment with kids and wanted to get settled. Well, no one warned me it would take this long! lol

    You will fill up those rooms and have plenty of messes before you know it. Hang in there!