Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 DPO of my 40 WW

So, today is officially 3 days DPO (days past ovulation).  Usually this is the dreaded part of a woman's cycle, where you wait anxiously and pray to God it all worked out. This is also known as the 2ww (week wait).   For the most part I like this part of my cycle because I get to "take a break".  There's nothing left to do and for most cycle I've felt like I was "out" anyways, so it's more like taking a break until it's time for a new cycle.

However, in keeping with the theme that this is indeed my cycle! I've also decided that this is no longer the 2 week wait.  Nope, instead this is day 3 of my 40 week wait!  So, here is the start!  Not sure at what point I will test and I'm sure as my temps rise and fall I'll have days where I feel less confident than others.  I'm not going to worry about the other days though, just this one.

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