Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yesterday's acu appointment

A little background: I've been doing acupuncture now since early April.  I'm currently on my 5th full acupuncture cycle.  It's pretty much been love at first poke with this guy.  He's just awesome!  He really looks at me the person, not me the infertile.  He's very honest with stuff and from the get go he told me he believed I'm perfectly capable of a natural conception.  I'm extremely data oriented and so is he.  My first full cycle was baseline, with only acu and no other changes.  After his baseline data, he then made recommendations.  I have to admit that each cycle my body has improved.  It started off with my period having better flow and not so dark.  Then moving my ovulation date from around day 10 to around day 14, and then targeting my Luteal Phase.  It was around 10/11 days and it's becoming 11/12.  I'm hoping this cycle it's 12 days again like last cycle.  Well, I'm hoping I'm pregnant, but you know what I mean....

So, this has truly been the most annoying cycle from day 1.  Just been ready for it to be over.  Had acu yesterday and just wasn't feeling it.  He asked me how it was going and I told him I dunno, I'm mad at Fertility Friend once again, because we disagree on my ovulation day.  He kinda laughed and said this happens with me and FF a lot and I said yeah...  He looked at my chart and said he thinks I'm right and the stupid program is wrong.  He asked me some general questions and told me he really sees my body getting pretty regulated.  He said the fact that he had to reduce one of the supplements is showing that my kidney yin is much stronger and in general my body is doing very well.  He says he thinks I'll be preggers soon, maybe even this cycle.  He was very impressed when I layed on the table and he felt my uterus.  He said it was very warm and that he really thinks I'm going to conceive son.  I'm kinda like yeah, yeah...  He told me lots of stories of women who came to his clinic and got their BFPs.  He said it just takes time for the body to correct itself sometimes.

I must say that every cycle good or bad, my body has truly improved in some way. I could understand being more frustrated if "nothing was changing", but something is.  I felt so much better after the acu and then I thought about what he said about my body and I'm really glad my body is getting more regulated.  I really am.  I hope my baby is on his or her way.

Oh, and get this, I put in my temp this morning and the stupid program moved my O date to where I thought it was.  So, this is the very latest I have ever ovulated, DAY 16!!  OMG!!!  I really ovulated on day 16!!  Maybe my body really is getting ready.  Maybe I'll even be pregnant this time, if not, then maybe next time.  My favorite story was the one lady who had the worst cycle ever, even he was stumped at how backwards it was.  Well he said sometimes even when things look like they are going backwards you have to give your body some time to work itself out because the cycle after that was her BFP.

So, feeling better today and I guess we'll see what happens....  Oh, and today I'm 5 days past ovulation. My period is due around August 9th.  We'll see what happens...


  1. "love at first poke" with your acu huh? I hope your hubby isn't jealous. ;)

    Glad your misgivings with Fertility Friend resolved themselves. You know your body better than anyone, and I'm glad the program confirmed it. Keeping my digits crossed for you!!!

    1. Dh did make some jokes, like, so what goes on in there? LOL!! Nah, he's not jealous. He wants to be poked too, so Tuesday his first appointment for his anxiety. Now I'm teasing him about another guy "poking him" and him liking it, LOL!