Sunday, September 30, 2012

Been a little while...

It's been a little while since I updated.  Some of it is because I have been very busy with the whole job thing and being very tired from all the emotions dealing with it.  Some of it is also because there isn't that much going on.  I'm 10 DPO, of course, another BFN.

Wednesday marked the one year mark since I lost Chase.  I grieved a lot that day and thought of him.  I had a locket made with his fur on the inside and his photo laser engraved on the outside.  The back has his name, dates he lived, and then Forever in my Heart.  That was also the day I took paperwork to HR for the new job and officially submitted my resignation with the school district.  The school district has been really amazing and even told me I am welcome back should this new venture not work out.  Good to know.  I'm going to miss my coworkers so much and this is going to be my last week there, so I'm expecting another emotional week.  Maybe AF coming won't be so bad.  Got a little pissed when going through insurance stuff praying IF treatment is covered, but instead finding that it isn't, but getting sterilized is.  Pfft!

Anyways, I am debating where to go next.  Yes my body is improving, but I've now had 24 acupuncture sessions, so 6 months of treatments, and 7 cycles, and no baby.  My body has gone from low temps all around, early ovulation, and short LP, so more stable temps, nice rise to the LP, longer LP, and later O date.  My nightsweats are gone.  I know my skin and stuff looks better because I've gotten compliments on my appearance even though I weigh the same.

Do I continue with acupuncture for a little while longer?  Do I start looking at doing other stuff?  A lot of it is money.  This new job I will earn more, but it will take a little bit to earn enough money to start treatments.

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  1. Congrats on the new job! So many changes, and even when they are good changes, it still causes stress. I can understand it being kind of a crazy time! It's so hard to determine when trying naturally may or may not work completely. I hope you'll come to a decision that is right for you and your hubby with peace of mind.