Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving on

So, I emailed my acupuncturist this morning to let him know the update. I'm going to post my email and then his response, which made me cry, but made me feel better as well. I swear this guy is like an angel sent from above sometimes.

My email: Just wanted to let you know that unfortunately this was not my cycle. I really and truly thought it was going to be, but I tested negative on my test on Thursday, had a steep temp dip yesterday, and CD 1 is today, after an 11 day LP. I have no idea what to do or where to go from here. Not sure if you want me back on the FP powder (still have some), take nothing other than the supplements, if you still want to continue treatment, etc.

His response: I am certainly not giving up on you. I will continue working with you until you feel like it's time to move on.

I know you're disappointed because you had attached a lot of meaning to the year mark since your cat passed away. As humans we don't always get our timetables right, so I encourage you not to be hard on yourself for guessing incorrectly. The fact that you didn't meet your deadline does not negate the progress you're making.

Keep your next appointment and we'll discuss where you want to go from here. I can only speak from my experience that I have seen many amazing cases of triumph over this challenge. However it does take a toll and if you need to just take a break I wouldn't be surprised.

See you this coming week. We'll talk then. Of course you are welcome to email as always in the meantime.


While I've mentioned the Chase story to him, I figure most people think it's stupid and so I didn't elaborate too much on it. I more mentioned it in passing, but apparently he really took note of it. I had a long discussion with my husband this morning and we can't deny the progress seen in my body since I began acupuncture. It is really and truly amazing. My husband has full faith in this guy (especially since seeing him for anxiety and the treatment is proving amazing with regards to that), and says that he wants me to continue on this course until my acu says enough is enough. My acu does work with the fertility clinic was first tested at, so it's not like he's above recommending western medicine, but he truly believes I don't need it (at least not right now) and so I'm going to go with that. Maybe continue with this path until the end of 2012 and go from there.

Emotionally I'm okay today. I'm sad about what could have been, but still hopeful for what might be. I'm a thread with the most amazing ladies ever and I decided that instead of spending energy on myself and my sorrow, I'm going to pick myself up and spend my energy rooting for them and their BFP's. They are all on a great path right now and I know they will flood the thread soon with their happy news.


  1. Amber, how lucky you are to have such an attentive acu! I am so sorry about CD1 and the things you're feeling, but I have no doubt you are going to get that baby. I just hate that it can't always be on our schedules.

  2. I agree with Fara, you are very lucky to have such great support and encouragement. He seems to be very sincere with his words and it seems that he is genuine when he says he is not giving up on you. He is surely proving that by letting you know he listens to every word you have to say.

  3. How wonderful that your acu listened so closely to something you thought he'd simply discarded. You are getting so close. I can feel it!!! Glad to hear hubby is on board with staying the natural course, and it's so fantastic he is seeing results himself. That alone, that you are DH are on the same page, is a HUGE blessing. Not all women can say that, and it will be the thing that makes a huge difference for you guys. Routing for you still here!