Saturday, October 13, 2012

Here we go again...

First off, thank you everyone for your extreme support in my last blog.  I was just really upset and a little irrational, mostly I was just very tired and stressed and so I went a little bit nuts.  I didn't speak to DH for about 24 hours (this is RARE of me, I'm not really one of "those" girls.  DH and I typically solve it, but I can't even describe how exhausted and stressed I was).  Anyways, we talked and it's all good.  I actually showed him my FF calendar and how it shows even on CD 1 what my estimated "fertile days" are and as I add more data it adjusts it.  He likes the calendar and so on CD 1 I will send him the link to it so he can check and know for himself when he can do whatever and when he needs to be on a schedule.

So, anyways, we started BD yesterday and then today I got my +OPK!  We decided to go ahead and BD tomorrow and Monday and skip today.  Hopefully the timing will work out.  I got my +OPK around noon today and this morning (9ish) it was negative, so I know I just started my surge and I can get +OPK for a couple of days, so I'm guessing O is tomorrow or Monday.  Anyways, the schedule seems to work well for both of us, so as I temp and check my other signs we will see if it ends up working out or not.

Since today was +OPK, I managed to get to a lab to my E2 drawn.  I hope the number comes up real good and then at 7 DPO I will get a progesterone test and see what that tells us.  My acu is the one wanting the numbers so he can adjust accordingly.  I am so incredibly lucky to have such an awesome acu.

Anyways, while I know in my mind and heart that unprotected sex and O time can equal a baby.  My whole heart is pinned on this as "the one".  It may be, it may not be.  It's definitely been awesome for data gathering.  I'm so happy with my CD 3 results and hopefully these will give us answer as well.  I'm trying to be more analytical and less emotional because this hurts less and I feel like I can be productive here. I can't force my body to conceive, but I can work on numbers and labs if they don't measure right.  I have control over that if that make any sense.

Haunted house tonight, w00t!


  1. Very true how analyzing data can somehow remove some of the emotional sting associated with long as the labs come out good, which yours are. I'm interested to hear about your E2, because I have no idea what that's even supposed to look like on certain calendar days. Glad you and DH are on board with a game plan. BD away my friend!

  2. I'm very curious about the E2 also. I've never had this test done and it was totally my acu who wanted it done. Since with my DOR a lot of my concern has been ovulating before the follie was fully mature or ready and therefore no good, this number will tell me if it is ready or not. I guess it serves the purpose as an u/s. I'm very curious to know. My acu was also concerned about my CD 3 E2. While I'm over the moon it was normal, he didn't like that it was at the very bottom of normal. He said he likes to see that number between 30 and 50 (he would not have been okay with your 16 for sure) and so we'll see what this info gives us.

    The way I see this cycle is I'll either get a BFP and yay! Or I'll get data that shows some areas to target and focus on, or data that shows everything si going well and I just need to give it a few cycles and pretend I'm a normal adult just starting on TTC. We'll see.... Thank you for all your support!