Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Labs and acu

Alright, so my last number came in!  Yeah!!  My full labs are:

                     Dec             May           Oct
AFC              6-8              6               8-9
P4                 1.66         <0.200        <0.200
LH                3.78           2.99             2.99
FSH              8.10           8.26             6.90
E2                 101             23.9            25.8
AMH             0.67           0.24            0.36      

My acu also wants me to get my E2 checked again once I get my +OPK and also my P4 at 7 DPO.  He says then he'll have the full picture of everything right now.  We are both very hopeful for a natural conception.  He said he always did think it can happen, just takes a bit longer when you do it natural so I'm telling myself it's time to chill for the rest of the year.  Just enjoy the fall, the seasons, and the BFPs I know some awesome ladies are going to get and maybe mine will come too.  I know I'm freaking out more because my bday is in Dec and I'll be 32.  However my body has improved and is doing good and that is something to celebrate and rejoice.

I am CD 9 today and will start with OPKs and temping once I get a postive.  My left ovary has been "sore" since CD 6.  I can just feel it there and I felt it a lot today, enough hat I took an OPK since I was a bit nervous, but luckily it's negative.  I'm thinking I'll probably ovulate sometime this weekend.


  1. You're right, those labs are something to celebrate! Yay! I'm really happy that your acu has been so helpful and that your body has made so much progress. I'm so hopeful for you!

  2. So great that your acu actually knows a thing or two about blood work. Can't wait to see all these great results pay off with your BFP!