Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Labs are in!!!! (well, most of them)

So, yesterday I had my acupuncture appt and I started to feel kinda down because he was telling me that if I am not pregnant in a couple of cycles I might want to consider injectables and maybe some monitoring to see if we can get a good follicle and maybe the drugs could stimulate it a bit.  I started realizing that he was coming to the end of his bag of tricks and maybe starting to give up on me and I left the appt. feeling kinda sad.

Well, today I went ahead and my ovarian reserve levels rechecked.  Here's what we have:

                              December                   May                         October
AFC                         6-8                            6                                8-9
Progesterone            1.66                        <0.200                         <0.200
LH                           3.78                          2.99                             2.99
FSH                         8.10                          8.26                             6.90
E2                             101                          23.9                            25.8
AMH                        0.67                         0.24                            TBD

These numbers are fantastic for DOR.  Let me go through them.  AFC is Antral Follicle Count, it's the number of resting follicles at the beginning of a cycle.  Normal is 8-18 and for the first time ever, my count hit normal range.  Low normal, but normal.  FSH is your Follicle Stimulating Hormone. Anything under 10 is good, however the 6.9 is fantastic!  That is just awesome.  My E2 is estrogen and it was way too high originally.  It should be above the mid 70s range.  Now they are picture perfect.  Altogether this paints a good portrait.  Now, my AMH is really super low.  They like to see them above 1 and mine clearly isn't.  I should get those results back in a week or so, but even if it's very low (which I'm expecting), it's showing the quality of what I have is much improved and I think I am onto something good.

I went ahead and emailed my acu and I'll talk to him in more detail next week, however, I am feeling I should continue forward since I have shown so much progress.  I started acu at the end of March, so by my May test I had gone maybe two or three cycles.  The test I had now was after 6 months of acu and 7 cycles.


  1. I'm so impressed by the changes acu has made for you! I feel like it's awesome to be able to get those numbers back and know that all of the improvement can only be attributed to acu, herbs, and supplementation. I felt like my acu had given up on me, too, and I know it's a crappy feeling. I think you are obviously in good hands, though, and that you'll only continue to make great progress!

  2. Acupuncture is the bomb! You are proof positive of that. Congrats on the great numbers!