Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Progesterone Results

So, today I am 8 DPO.  I had my progesterone tested yesterday at 7 DPO.  Anyways, my number didn't come back so hot...  It was 8.7 :-(  My acu told me to take some progesterone drops and I got them tonight.  I can't make my appt this week due to the new job, so DH went and got them for me.  I did take them tonight (can I say yuck???).  Anyways....  Is there even a point for me to take it this cycle?  Can I even get a BFP?  Is it too late to work?  Should I just save them for next cycle?

I know in this case it doesn't mean a bad ovulation since my estrogen was 455 at ovulation.  So, what does ti mean?  Where do I stand and what do I do?  Just ugh!!!

On the other hand, an amazing person, Jessica (aka Holistic) got her BFP today!!  I'm super excited for her!!  Yeah!

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  1. Take them! You can still get pregnant with low progesterone... The progesterone will help it stick ya know. The only thing is that if you're not pregnant then it will extend your LP.