Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Progesterone Results

So, yesterday my results came in, I'm at 11.4 this cycle.  Much better than the 8.7 last time.  I guess the Vitex and Progesterone drops helped put me right where I should be.  So I had a cycle of my body doing what it should, but I can tell from the cramping this morning how it's probably going to end.  Of course, you never know until it's over, but at the same time you kinda do know.

My husband really wants me try again after this cycle and make it my last.  This next one will end around my birthday.  I think the numbers coming out so well made him real excited to try again.  Gotta love him for all his hope though.

I think I can guess how this will go.  AF is due on Thanksgiving and so I'll wake up ready for her and she'll no-show.  I'll spend all day in frustration and mild hope only to find her Friday, though she may wait until mid-day.  I'm sure somewhere in there will be a BFN or two since I'll test, unless my temp actually goes below coverline.


  1. Glad to see your progesterone improved! Even though so many people (including RE's) say not to focus on that number being over ten necessarily, I know it's still nice to get a "normal" result just to reassure you something is working! I love how involved and encouraging your DH is. You are doing so much to do things right and he is always there ready to close the deal. That is a huge deal! KMFX for you two this cycle and next!

  2. Just found your bog through Emily's blog. Now following your journey. I think it is great that you are trying Chinese medicine before jumping straight into IVF. I think I tried jsut about everything before finally being ready to undertake all the IVF requires. I'll be routing for a BFP soon.