Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So, yesterday was 7 DPO and I had my progesterone taken.  This cycle has been a bit quirky for me since I kind of O'd out of nowhere on what appeared to be CD 11.  CD 12 was a +OPK, but a strong temp rise and it went on from there.  When I saw my acu on CD 12 at 2:00pm he could tell from the feel of my uterus that I'd O'd already.  So, CD 11 is my O date.

I got my results for my progesterone test and it was 11.8.  Very close to last cycle.  I've had some symptoms, the sore boobs, of course, and then tired.  Yesterday was the sorest my boobs felt and also the most tired I felt, but I did work 11 hours and wake up an hour before my alarm, so that could be as much to blame as anything.

So, in keepin track with my progesterone.  Last cycle was the first time I tried the liquid drops my acu gave me and it was 11.4, so very close to where it is now.  The cycle before it was 8.7, so the drops are definitely helping.

AF is due Sunday, so expecting her to come this weekend.  Today was a giant temp drop.  I actually do not usually make it to the AF date on FF.  My RE appt is on 1/2/13, while I was initially dreading it, I'm more hopeful now and praying that something simple and easy does the trick.

As for license plates, we have BFP-44 and BFN-37


  1. So glad your progesterone is looking good and that the drops are helping. Do you have any side effects from them - like increased progesterone symptoms like fatigue and boob soreness? I know you said those were a little more pronounced this cycle, but I would think if it was just from the drops, you'd have had the same thing last month, since it wasn't much lower last month than this one. I am praying AF stays her stupid ass away this weekend!!! Yay for BFP's leading the race!

    1. My boobs hurt a lot and I am tired, but I don't know if it's more than last cycle or not. I remember they hurt pretty bad last time more than usual so I'm guessing about the same.

  2. I've said this before, but you've given this everything you can. If you are meant to conceive on your own it will happen for you this cycle, and if not, I hope you've done enough soul searching to be ok with seeing the RE. It sounds like you are more ready now to take that leap than you were before. There is something very freeing about handing the steering wheel over to someone else. Of course, we'll always be back seat drivers since we are so in tuned with our bodies, but you'll be monitored, which is a huge help to know what's really going on in there! Praying for you this cycle and excited for all the awesome things 2013 is going to bring for you two!