Sunday, December 23, 2012

ALWAYS do your homework!

In my graduate program I learned about research.  I don't mean google, I mean honest to goodness peer reviewed research.  It opened my eyes, I no longer believe statistics and things I hear at face value.  Including the words "70% success rate".  I KNOW that is false!  However, you don't know unless you research.  Ergo this website here:  I query Texas and then clicked on the clinic's name.  I then checked out the SART report, then checked DOR and looked for women under 35.  It posts results from 2004-2010.  No newer stats are available right now.  

So, what do I find?  Let me start with the fact that the clinic as a whole has a 54.4% success rate.  Hmmm, not 70%, but let me look at my situation.  Yeah....  it gets worse.

Again, I queried Diminished Ovarian Reserve for women under 35 using their own eggs.

2010 - 25% success rate (4/16)
2009 - 62% success rate (8/13)
2008 - 38% success rate (6/16)
2007 - 29% success rate (2/7)
2006 - 18% success rate (2/11)
2005 - 33% success rate (6/18)
2004 - 0% success rate (0/5)

Total success rate: 29.2% success rate if you just average out the percentages.  However, if you add up the number of successes to the number of attempts, you get 33% (28/86).

Um, where the hell is 70%????  Yeah, I thought so....  I plan to check out all the other clinics.  For all I know these are the best success rates, but please don't feed me a story.


  1. Amber- I'm glad you did some research. I think the numbers you found are more accurate BUT I still think you have an amazing chance... but your doc should be honest and direct before asking you to spend 20K, ya know? FX and rooting for you always. :)

  2. Hi Amber! I just spent the morning doing the exact same thing you did. Looks like my current doctor, while the best stats in Indy, it's very obvious that he doesn't even really try IVF with DOR patients. I'm sure it's to keep his stats high. Bleh. I'm so glad you did this research. The best thing we can do for ourselves is be armed with knowledge and at least at the end of the day make the best decision for us. If nothing else, this journey has brought me close to some amazing ladies, so I wish you a very happy holiday!!

    1. So glad you did the research and a lot of people will try to manipulate their data by not accepting certain patients or having certain requirements. I've hears some clinics will only do IVF with DOR if you use DE. I'm just not open to that, so I skip those. While the success rate for my current clinic are 33% for DOR, I do know they do not use DE and they don't turn anyone down. We'll see how the new clinic compares, their stats were better so I'm interested to talk to them. *hugs* And Merry Christmas to you.