Sunday, December 16, 2012


Alright, I hesitate to post this because I'm not a fan of having any kind of "false" hope.  I don't like believing something or hoping for something that isn't true.  I'm honest with myself even if I don't like it.  This is why I'm not posting this on BBC, but on my blog instead.  I hope any comments I receive are people being honest and not just wishing the best for me.

Let me start with, I'm not actually 100% sure what day I O'd.  I went with CD 11 based on body signs and the way I felt.  It's possible I O'd CD 12 and FF actually thought I O'd CD 13.  I believe I saw my acu on CD 13 (I originally thought it was CD 12, but it was 13) and he told me that I did O and he thought it was CD 12.

So, what's the problem?  If I O'd CD 11, AF is due today.  If I O'd CD 12, AF is due Monday.  If I O'd CD 13, AF is due Tuesday.  AF is not here today.  My temp isn't even low today.  It's actually pretty high for me.  I did POAS this morning and, BFN.  I am actually pretty sure it's the progesterone my acu gave me.  I did shoot him an email asking if I should stop it and let my body get this over with, but he told me not to quit yet and to keep taking it until 15 DPO.  Of course, what is 15 DPO?  Is it Tuesday or Thursday?

I know there'a  chance I could be pregnant, but I honestly and truly don't think so.  I am mad there's still some tiny hope in my heart that the HCG just wasn't enough for it to pick up this morning. For the last 4 or 5 days I've had very bad cramps, very typical before AF for me.  My boobs are not very sore.  There is nothing else noteworthy.

If anyone wants to take a crack at my chart, def go for it.  I have no idea how to post the actual pic of my chart, so I will go ahead and post the link to it.  Please, no false hope guys.

Oh, my RE date got moved up to Friday, so I'm kinda hoping if this isn't a BFP, that AF comes Tues and then Fri would be 3 DPO and maybe I could start on Femara or something.



  1. I think you could be 11 DPO, which could still be early for a BFP... but I'm not really feeling it.
    Glad your RE appt. got moved. However, don't get your hopes up on starting Femara that day. I think most RE's will want to do bloodwork before then. Just giving you a dose of reality. Hope it IS a BFP, though. Stalking.... :)

  2. Your temps might be high because of the progesterone, but I would still take it until Thursday because it's not going to hurt you to do so. It usually takes 2-3 days for AF to show after stopping. I felt great on progesterone, no joint pain, slept really well, and I was in general more happy than normal so I'm a fan of taking it :)

    I feel hopeful for you just like I usually do!

  3. Your chart could show so many different things. In one aspect it looks like you o'd on cd 11 and then another it looks like it may have happened on cd 13. Cd 12 doesn't really look like a contender according to temp shifts but hey everybody is different.

    Then around 10dpo (according to the chart) you could have had a temp dip from not sleeping well or it could be your body trying/or successfully implanting. The temp rise since then looks nice and steady.

    When did you start taking the progesterone?

    Looking at your chart I understand why you still have that ounce of hope this cycle because honestly this chart is different then your last few, but at the same time it's a confusing chart.

    I know how easy it is to analyze the crap out of each and every chart! I charted for about a year and then I had to force myself to stop because the over analyzing was driving me crazy.

    I am still hoping for you!

  4. I can see why you are frustrated. The progesterone usually keeps AF away so it is hard to get excited when your normal AF days arrives and she's nowhere to be found. That being said, I honestly ( no false hope) believe you have a chance of getting a bfp. With cycle after cycle of bfns, it is so easy for us to doubt the chance of getting anything but a negative test. It is okay to have hope.