Friday, December 28, 2012

mini rants

Just a mini rant, since I need to get this out somewhere.

First-I read today that Putin signed into law banning U.S. adoptions of Russican children.  This makes me so mad and sad.  I was talking to DH about this today and we decided if we end up with adoption, we will not do the international route, since what's to say this wont' happen with another country?  Russia is the second country for interanational adoptions from the U.S.  So many families have put in thousands of dollars and now may not get theri kiddo if they've been part of this process for a few months.  Adoption is a LONG process and I'm just so heartbroken.  Not to mention the russian orphans.  Putin could care less about them.  I could type up more and more, but I just don't have it in me today and there's really no point, it just sucks.

Secondly-CD 11 today, 99% sure I O'd last night, maybe today.  I haven't tracked anything this cycle, but I do know the signs, especially the O pain.  You can't track it 22 times and NOT notice it.  POS body dropping an egg at CD 10.  Whatever....  I'm pretty over it, just annoyed.  What the fuck was the point of acu?  I spent all that money for what?  I'm so mad at myself.  Can I do nothing right?


  1. Amber! I think your new years resolution should be to only say nice things about your body. :)

    I agree with you a bit on acu- ugh, it didn't work for me and we spent 2500$ this year. WTF. We could have surely spent that money on something else.

    I heard about adoptions in Russia and I felt so sad for those families... all I could think of was how long they have already waited to bring children into their homes and now this. When politics get into the way of the ttc journey it's bad news all around.

  2. How heartbreaking! I didn't realize that the adoptions in Russia were stopped. I can't even imagine how many infertile families are affected by this. So wrong!

  3. Glad I wasn't the only one annoyed about the Russian adoption thing. There are obviously two sides. I mean, who knows...maybe there is a whole media storm about the stories of the family returning the one adopted "unruly" child back to Russia or other isolated stories and the people of Russia are getting all pissed about it and gov had to act on something? I don't know, but all I could think was that surely they'd be getting a better life over here. Doesn't make much sense.

    I like Sarah's idea of only saying nice things about your body. I was just adding up all of our medical expenses yesterday as well (acupuncture included) and it makes it extra depressing that here we are, still with not much to show for it. Hang in there girl. We'll get through it together! 2013 is going to be MUCH better!!