Monday, December 17, 2012


Thank you everyone for commented, especially for being truthful with me.  See, I don't ever test because I hate to see the BFN.  I only tested because it was my birthday and you know how much you just pray to see the lines.  I had a feeling it was just off and I am taking something to extend my LP plus my chart is confusing as anything.

In any event, it was as we thought and it's coming back down.  I'm thinking CD 1 might be tomorrow or Wed, which puts me at CD 2 or 3 with the RE, yay!  I had a comment about how the RE may not start me on treatment because they like to test.  I've actually been getting tested with the RE, so my last blood workup on everything was just in October, so I think there may be a chance that they would do CD 2 or 3 workups and just start me on something, but we'll see....


  1. Yay! Sounds like you could get the Femara (or whatever meds you need) that first appointment. Hope so. Hope you get that BFP though ;)

  2. Oh good! I was thinking that they would need to do a workup for you and start you the next month. Hopefully they'll get you started right away! Friday is almost here!!

  3. So excited that your appointment was moved up!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  4. Yay! Friday will be here before you know it! And it will feel so good to have a plan in place. You are well on your way to your baby now...I just know it!

    I'll be thinking of you on Friday,