Friday, January 25, 2013

How do you feel?

Today I am 6 dpiui and I've had a few people now ask me "how I feel".  I know people want me to tell them that I feel x symptoms or I am sure I am pregnant, but the truth is I am not.  I actually feel absolutely nothing.  Usually during my LP I have sore boobs, I am tired, I break out sometimes, cramps, I just have little symptoms that usually start at 1 DPO and then go away around 9 DPO as my temp decreases and then AF comes.  My LP is typically 10-12 days with the average being 11 days. 

Right now I feel nothing.  I did have a bit of cramps at 2 dpiui and 4 dpiui, but really nothing otherwise.  No sore boobs, normal energy, face is fine, I feel exactly like I do after AF and before O.  This has never happened during my LP before.  You must be pregnant then....  Nope, actually, if it wasn't for my temps being above coverline I'd actually question whether or not i really ovulated.  If I have to really dig down and think about how I feel I have to admit with all honesty that I feel no real hope this cycle. 

I did take drugs this cycle, the clomid and Ovidrel and those affect the body, taht could be why no symptoms.  I know for sure ovidrel messes with temps and while mine have gone up, it is not much above the coverline, no that I think any of it matters.

I started testing out my trigger yesterday and there was the slightest line and then today it looked more like an indent line.  I'll do one more test tomorrow and then just wait for AF.  Since I am 7 dpiui tomorrow I plan on getting my p4 checkd as well.  I'm actually very curious because of the lack of symptoms.  I had acupuncture yesterday and mentioned it to my acu and he told me he thinks I haven't had "progesterone" symptoms, what I've had is "estrogen symptoms".  I looked up estrogen dominance.  Recently a friend mentioned it to me as well so I'd been thinking about it and would you know, most of my LP symptoms are not progeterone symptoms, but estrogen symptoms.  Hmmmm, interesting....  My acu think the clomid helped balance out my estrogen.  He is being hopeful, but I guess it's his job to be.

I guess I'm just really in a "I doubt I'm pregnant mode", but anything could happen.  I actually just wish I could stay where I am today and the days not move forward.  Today there is hope, there si a chance.  As my LP continues on and on, then the real pictures becomes more clear.

I know this isn't much of an update, but since people had been asking me I wanted to do an update rather than post my IUI experience followed by AF is here.  I'll post my progesterone results when they come in, I"m guessing Monday.

I can't believe how much support I have and people who truly care and are rooting for my BFP.  Thank you so much for those who follow and say prayers and well wishes, whether you post or not.  I am so lucky to have people like you in my life, no matter what role you play in it.


  1. First of all I am praying, hoping, wishing this is your month! You know a lot of women have said that the month they least expected to be pregnant due to no symptoms is the month they got their BFP. Best of luck! Try to just enjoy this time. I usually talk to my tummy like there's a baby there to maybe summon it. Lol!

  2. I know how hard it is to be hopeful, when everything in our head says we should be realistic, but you are still so early that you can't count yourself out. The p4 will confirm ovulation, then you just have to wait a few more days to really know. You are ALMOST THERE. Hoping and praying this is your cycle. You're been such and inspiration and that's why people are so supportive of you. Big, giant hugs.

  3. I totally agree. Sometimes a TWW DRIVES ME CRAZY & sometimes there's such peace in the hope. I hope your sense is only relieved by the joy a BFP brings you!!

  4. Praying for you daily, Amber. And hoping so much so that this is your cycle! I remember being in the 2ww and feeling exactly the same. I almost wanted to stay in the 2ww and not move forward, because at least there was still a chance that I was pregnant. And I liked having that hope and thought constantly running through my mind. Hoping that you will get a BFP at the end of all of this and can stay in that hopeful and peaceful place for the next 9 months!


  5. Sending positive thoughts that this is your cycle. Some people don't have any symptoms so there is still hope. Fingers crossed for good news for you!

  6. I know it's so strange when you take meds and then your "normal" symptoms aren't there or they shift in the amount of time they take to appear. Second half of the LP is always nervewracking too. I am sooo hopeful you will be pleasantly surprised by your wonderful body this month!

  7. You already know how I feel about your lack of symptoms :) But I'll say it again. I think it can be a very good thing. If the things we've always felt haven't gotten us a BFP, then change may be what is needed. Clomid is interesting to me, because it increases estrogen production, but it seems to still help with progesterone. I guess because you only take it in the follicular phase, and if it makes a big, mature follie, then the curpus luteum cyst that's left should produce more progesterone than with a "weak" ovulation. I was honestly a tiny bit worried that if your previous symptoms were estrogen related that Clomid might make them worse, but it sounds like your progesterone is doing well. I think good things are on the way. Even if it isn't this cycle (though I pray it is), if your progesterone comes back looking better than usual, I think you may have found a piece to the puzzle to get you there.

  8. I'm glad your testing our your trigger. Good luck! At least if this doesn't work they will know they should up your meds since you only had one egg.