Monday, January 7, 2013

I just don't know anymore.....

So, back from the second RE.  The plan is next cycle to do Clomid and IUI.  I'll call on CD 1 to do a CD 3 baseline.  CD 1 should be in the next couple of days.

So, how did it go?  I just don't know.  He reviewed the old RE's labwork and said that DH's SA was low.  We were NEVER told this.  In fact, we were told his SA was great.  Here's the numbers:

Total Number of Sperm: 36.6 Million
Motility: 45.94%
Total Motile Sperm: 16.81 Million
Morphology: 17%

From what I'm reading and what were were told, 36.9 Million should be 40 Million and 16.81 Million, should be 20 Mill.  When we asked the RE why the old one said these numbers were good, he said  oh they are for IVF and IUI, but not for TI.  So, we are very upset with the other RE.  First I find out I do have some fertility coverage through the new office and then that DH had a problem as well.  This has been wasted time and money on my part with the acu and everything.  Hell, maybe if we didn't have the pserm issues I could have gotten a BFP with acu?

Of course, the new guy doesn't have much hope in the IUI and Clomid.  He's doing it because my insurance will cover it, we haven't tried it yet, and we have no money right now for IVF.  He did tell us he thinks IVF is our best option.  He pulled the SART report to show us data on it, so I appreciated that bit.

Here's the part where I'm not sure about with this guy.  He said the way they do it is after a +OPK you go in the next day for the IUI.  I said that I've been known to ovulate the same day as IUI or very next day and he pretty much said it was impossible, that O is always 36 hours after surge.  He said when they do IVF and Injectibles it's how they time the trigger to the IUI, trigger is always 36 hours before O, that it's how it happens.  I'm very confused....  Why the temp rise the next day then?  I'm worried we might miss the timing.

Another weird thing that happened in the visit is while waiting  someone was calling DH"s name.  We turn and it's his childhood friend.  DH is like what are you doing here?  His friend is like, same as you.  Except, they've been successful, his wife got a BFP on their first Clomid/IUI cycle and she was six weeks along and there to double check everything.  I am a bit jealous, but happy for them and wish them success.  It's a small world.  They play Xbox together and had we not run into them never would have known, since these issues are not really talked about.  Kinda sad, really.

So, I guess there's a plan, but I dunno how to feel about it.  DH is very upset.  We were gonna do the adoption seminar, but just feel too down to go, so another night.  They are having it two other times this month.


  1. Amber, that is so crazy about your dh seeing someone that he knew. I think the fact that they were successful on the exact protocol that you are contemplating is a sign! I'd go for it and give it a try. What do you have to lose? Sorry about your dh's SA results. It's incredibly frustrating to be surprised by other issues that you didn't know about- I know about this one. I just want everyone to be upfront about everything and I think that's fair to ask! Rooting for you... always!!!

  2. If your insurance covers it, I would just do it. The new clinic might make a difference. I'm so sorry you're feeling sad. Soon...I hope you cheer up buttercup! This journey sucks sometimes when you don't feel like you have a solid plan. Hugs!

  3. Ugh! I hate when they can't be honest with you. Funny thing is when you ask them about it they come back with "You didnt ask." I really hope all u need is an IUI and you can get your bundle of joy. Dont feel bad about accupunture because u never know it might make a difference end the end and you will get your BFP with just IUI. Try to relax, i know hypocritical right? I can't even seem to relax, but you dont want to overwhelm yourself before the procedure. Positive vibes!!

  4. I'm sorry about the wishy-washy RE reports on the SA. Sounds like you have a plan and if insurance is covering it, go for it!! This little boost for the sperm may be all you need!

  5. I totally agree with Sarah...what a nice sign of running into hubby's friend and that they had success. I think you guys have a good shot. Plenty of people out there with lower numbers for SA who are successful! Plus, I'm willing to bet they've gone up in the past 14 months and you'll know that soon enough when you do the IUI and they give you the updates numbers. Wishing you two the very best with this exciting new cycle!

  6. I'm so sorry you got surprised by less than great news about your DH's count. I can't believe your previous RE didn't explain the results better - or maybe I can believe it. It isn't right, though. I do think it's worth a shot and that you definitely have a chance with those numbers. I actually am impressed with the strict morphology! My doctor said they like to see at least 4%, so 17% seems really good. My DH's was 3%, and I got pregnant the same cycle we did his SA, so it goes to show that you really do just need one good one. There is also a girl on a private group I'd been in whose husband had a 0 sperm count at his most recent SA, and she ended up getting pregnant a few months later (they'd tried for 3 years with one CP previously). I know that isn't the "norm", but I don't think those numbers will be a problem at all for IUI, and I think even with TI, it isn't impossible. Sorry to be long winded. I just want you to know that you've got a good chance, and while I would also be worried about the 36 hour thing, maybe it will be different when you are on fertility meds..? It is definitely good that you got to see that that protocol has worked for someone you know, though! Definitely a good sign!

  7. I WISH my hubby's SA numbers were that good. His count was good, but motility was MUCH less than yours and morphology was between 0-1%!!!! I don't know how they thing your hubby's numbers are bad? We got pregnant with TI and an ovulation inducer even after the doc said he was 8 times less likely to 'achieve pregnancy' naturally.

    If I were you...I'd find a 3rd opinion.