Saturday, January 19, 2013


Le me recap back to CD 9, the trigger shot day.  So, I updated you guys on my visit, then I had drama getting the trigger.  The nurse called in Ovidrel prescription that morning.  I called the pharmacy on my way home to go pick it up and see if t's ready.  I am told it's not in stock, can't be picked up until the next day at 10:00.  I tell her (crying now) that it has to be tonight, is there any way?  Any other Walgreens?  She tells me non keep it in stock.  So, I hang up and call the RE's office.  I am seriously pushing it.  They don't see people after 3:00pm and they close around 4:00, it's 4:20.  I get all these voicemails and I keep calling back trying diff extentions.  Finally, I get someone, I blurt my whole tearful story to the phone.  Lady is like, hold on, gets me a nurse.  I do it again and she says, how soon can you make it here?  I tell her with rush hour, maybe an hr. and a half?  She tells me she'll call me right back.  She calls me back and says if I can make it there by 6:00 the Walgreens in their plaza has in stock, she's already sent my prescription, they are filling it now.  I say thanks and hang up.  I call DH and tell him the tearful story.  I am almost home now and he says, I'll drive, since you are so upset.  We go get it, make it 20 min. before pharmacy closes.  The shot itself went fine.  DH did it.

So, this morning was our IUI.  Got up at the great time of 5:30 on a Saturday morning and I got dressed.  DH got dressed and I pretty much stayed away from him, as we had to leave at 6:30 to get to the clinic by 7:30 and he had to produce a sample. I am wearing my Chase necklace, wedding ring, and fertility bracelet for good luck. I had borrowed a friend's fertility God about a year ago, so I touch it before I leave.

So, we head out.  It's a pretty morning.  Sunny, but cool.  We grab a donut and some coffee and drive down.  I'm a morning person, so I am chatty, and DH is like dead, LOL.

We get there, sign in and then some guy calls us back to "check the sample".  He looks at us and says, "This isn't enough for an IUI.  We can't do it."  Are you kidding me?????  What do you mean, you can't do it??  The guy tells my DH to try and go again.  Um, a little over an hr after he made the sample.  DH is like, there is no way.  The guy looks at me and he's like, maybe she can help.  Of course I am crying right now, sexy, right?  I'm like all of this for nothing?  He's like you can still have timed intercourse.  Um, yes buddy, we've been doing that for 23 cycles already, why do you think I am here?  So, he sends us to a room to get the nurse.

Nurse comes in to talk to us and she's like, there's not a lot in there.  DH is like well, we had to BD Fri night, so this is what I can do on a day and a half. My SA was done 3 days of abstinence  maybe that's a better number of days for me. Nurse says, let me take it to the technician and see what's what.

So, she comes back and she tells us that they pulled DH's report and it looks like he has low volume for his SA too, but plenty of sperm.  They are going to try something called a "soft wash" and see what's what.  I tell her thank you, thank you, thank you!  Now I don't have to go home and cry the rest of the day.  she says, nope, no crying aloud.  You guys go have breakfast, it's going to take us about an hr. and fifteen minutes to do the wash.

Now, DH and I met in high school.  This new clinic is located right where DH and I used to live back in the day. So, we go to our Ihop we ate at 15 years ago and we reminisce on how things have change and just talk.  I'm doing a lot better and I apologize to DH for crying.  I tell him I wasn't mad at him or upset with him or anything, it was just that everything with this process is always so hard!  Why can't just one thing go okay?  The u/s finding out my egg was ready like yesterday and only one, the trigger shot drama, and now this.  DH is totally understanding and awesome and I just love him and he's talking about our future children like they are already here.

So, we get back to the clinic and here's our stats post wash:
Count-32 million
Total Motile-7.2 million

It is low, but not as bad as they thought. The motility was great.  I actually don't have a ton of hope for this cycle, but I've heard of worse things working out so I am praying.  If this doesn't work out, then I am trying to tell myself that a lot was learned about me and David this round, so the next one should go smoother.

The nurse was very positive.  She was super sweet and telling us I hope I get to be "Aunt Barb" in two weeks.  When they finished the insemination, DH asked me if I needed a cigar and the nurses laughed.  I then replied back with "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"  The nurses were just dying laughing saying they hadn't heard that one before.


  1. So glad that you and DH still maintain a sense of humor about all this. I really think it helps. Fingers crossed for you! Hope this brings you your baby.

  2. Amber, OMG, why does EVERYTHING have to be so difficult??? I totally feel your pain. I'm super hopeful for you. I think this is going to be it. Praying hard,

  3. Sometimes the harder we fight the better the results! That is my hope for you this cycle!

    I've been calling IUI's fake sex with no O :)

  4. Oh you poor thing! Why DOES it have to be so darn hard all the time (no pun intended). hehe Seriously though, I don't think you are the only ones stressed out with the process, especially for a first IUI. I was in the RE's office last week and there were men flying by me all stressed out beyond belief, even stepping over me in the elevator (manner out the window obviously) but I could see the little brown bags in their hands and knew they must have all been late to deliver their samples. It's a nervewracking experience, whether you are late to deliver, don't have "enough" to deliver, or a maybe one of a million other reasons why. It's just plain stressful, but you just somehow get it done and make it work the best you can.

    I think the abstinence period does make a huge difference for some people. I know with ours the sperm count post-wash decrease by 60 mil on our second IUI, and I still swear it was because there was less abstinence for that sample. We were so nervous but ended up pregnant on that cycle, so go figure.

    I know you are all nervous that this might not work and that everything wasn't as picture perfect as you'd hoped, but you guys got it done the best you could, and there have been plenty of people with IUI success with even less numbers. I have heard of people getting pregnant with as low as 750,000 sperm and you had ten times that! Just remember, it only takes one, and try to be thankful that you did have the IUI instead of just using timed intercourse. Your chances are upped automatically and you were able to get those important little guys exactly where they needed to be, instead of making them travel the long way. :)

  5. I love that sense of humor. Makes things a bit easier to deal with. You definitely went on a mission to make sure this IUI was done. The optimistic side of it is that you will have a nice story to tell when you get your BFP. Which I know you will!! Best of luck in ur tww.

  6. OMG. I'm just getting back into the swing of things from my weekend out of town and getting caught up with what's going on with everyone. What a bunch of drama you had to go through!! I really wish it was easier. I'm hoping and praying that this cycle was so crazy that it surprises you in the most pleasant way!! Sit back and chill and hopefully find something to do to get through this long 2ww!!!

  7. I hope to hear good news! (Baylord1 from baby center)

  8. What drama! I'm glad you were able to get the meds and have the IUI done at the end of the day though, but what a pain! I'm glad you guys were able to keep your sense of humor. :-)