Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SA Results

So, my husband's SA results are in.  I got part of them yesterday and was worried they were too good, meaning there's no reason on his end why I shouldn't be pregnant, giving me less hope that IUI and Clomid will work.  However, the full report came in today and now it looks like it's too bad for it to work.  I'm feeling discouraged and unsure.

The first test was done on 11/2011

Total Motile: 16.81 mil
Motility: 45.94%
Morphology: 17%

Current test, done 1/2013
Total Motile: 183 mil
Motility: 86%
Morphology: 1%

There was a note under it saying IVF with ICS recommended.  I think IUI can help with count, but not really with morph.  Deformed is deformed.  Now what?  Is any of this going to work?  Am I just denying the inevitable?  I really need to figure out how to pay for IVF, I really am starting to think  it might the only way.  Just feel super discouraged right now.  I honestly wish I could sell a kidney or something, that it was legal to do it, 'cause I really would to pay for this procedure.  I want a baby so badly it hurts.  It just hurts.  I am so sad over this.


  1. So sorry :(

    I can't believe the morphology changed so radically (along with the other numbers). Ugh... wish it had stayed the same. But now you know what you're working with. Sounds like you're still going to try the IUI. I hate, hate, hate that money has to stand in the way for a deserving person to have a baby.

  2. I'm so bummed for you. I wish this was easier. I know the financial burdens are so very stressful on top of what we are already dealing with and it's not fair. Does the doctor think there are any supplements or medications that could help his morphology numbers? You deserve a baby. I have no doubt that you'll have a baby, but I wish it wasn't so hard. For any of us.

  3. I already sent you a FB message, but I meant to add two things that I found when I was researching my DH's low morph and our options.

    1. Because his count and motility are so high, the morphology doesn't matter nearly as much.

    2. As you already know and can see, SA's can change drastically from one to the next. If he's morph was 17% before, I'm thinking this was just a picky lab tech. I have read that the strict morph standards are extremely rigid and that sperm that have even the slightest variation from what's "perfect" are basically considered useless by some techs even though they'd totally get the job done. Plus, they are trying to decide how they look and measure up as they are moving and shaking all over the place, which can't be easy or 100% accurate. I've also read many a success story about people that were told to go straight to IVF with ISCI and didn't end up needing to go that route after all.

    I hope it doesn't sound like I'm trying to minimize what you're dealing with, because I was devastated when my DH's SA showed borderline motility and low morph, and I know it is scary when you have invested in this cycle, but as you know, I got pregnant the same month that we got our bad SA result, so I know those numbers can't be the final word in whether you are successful or not. I am going to be praying very hard anyway - for success for this IUI and for hopefulness for you. Love you, girl.

  4. I totally agree with Farra!

    My hubby's SAs were done at two different labs and they had different criteria. Were yours done at the same lab?

    Also, I still wouldn't rule out IUI. If you can get yourself to ovulate, you just never know what might happen. My hubby's last SA numbers were worse than yours and we still got a BFP. I would talk with your RE about trying IUI for a few rounds. It won't hurt anything and is WAY less expensive than IVF.

    Good luck to you!!

  5. Such a bummer. Sorry for your bad news. This might sound really random. But my DH had low morphology when his sample was "old." If he had fresh sperm (within 48 hours), his numbers improved. Not sure if that could be your husband's issue.