Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Love

Well, I was lucky to find an amazing acupuncturist last Spring.  My acu is very supportive, honest, and really knows his stuff.  My body has improved and things have gotten better since I've started seeing him.  However, it just wasn't enough.  He can't fix everything wrong with my body, the things that are stopping me from conceiving.

I have been to two different RE's.  The first one IVF only and I'm dismissed.  The other one also, IVF only, but I'll humor you since your insurance covers IUI. Well, I found out today that the clinic made a mistake and it does not cover IUI.  I got a bill from the insurance company, so I need to back pay for last cycle, but what I did find was finally, my RE!

I am not seeing Dr. A and he comes highly recommended from tow sources.  One is a parent who's child I work with.  Her child is the product of IVF at the hands of Dr. A, but only after other treatments were tried. The other recommendation is a woman currently undergoing treatment.  I am so happy to have found Dr. A! I feel like I have my team now.  Okay, I just realized my acu is also Mr. A.  So, I'm now going to refer to them as the "A Team", lol!  And who doesn't want the "A Team" on the their side?

So, what is so awesome about Dr A???  Well, the first words out of his mouth were not, Do IVF.  Nope.  For the first time ever a medical doctor actually took the time to ask questions about me and my body.  He wanted to know about my gastric bypass, my AF, pains, cramps, twinges, everything.  He told me he doesn't see where I was tested for PCOS.  He said he noticed my breakouts on my face and said that he wants to test me for PCOS, because while it is incredibly rare to have both PCOS AND DOR, it is possible.  He was also interested in my blood sugar level.  He wants to do an insulin resistance test tomorrow.  Many years ago I had one before my gastric bypass surgery and I was considered "insulin resistant   I also had it again after the gastric bypass and I was considered hypoglycemic.  He said either way it can def affect fertility and so he really wants me tested for it to see how that's affecting me.  He also brought up the possibility of endo.  He said he doesn't have a reason to do a lap right now but he wants to do a blood test that will come up positive in 40% of people who have endo as well as some saline test.  He said he's looking to see if there's a reason to perform a lap or not.  He also plans to thoroughly test my thyroid levels.  Throughout my life I've only been thyroid tested at my annual and I think it's just a basic test.  He's going to test all of it because many times people have asked me about my thyroid as I think I have some attributes of thyroid issues such as my extreme coldness. I live in Texas and even in August, you will find me with a hoodie.

So, long story short, he wants to do more testing and figure out what is going on.  He wants more info.  That does mean I will be sitting out this cycle, but it's for a good cause and I am okay.  He also uses Femara rather than Clomid, so yay!  He says depending on what he finds he might do a Femara/injectible combo, but he wants to know everything first.  He said definitely not IVF right now.  He was mostly concerned with my age and why I haven't been able to conceive and has a least to most approach.  He also said in general DOR aren't a good IVF candidates since by nature not many eggs will be retrieved, so he likes to really use that as a last measure.

So, right now I am pleased.  We will be trying naturally this cycle and I do expect a BFN, but at least when AF comes, I know we'll have a good plan and be ready to go with something good.  I trust Dr. A and DH did too.  Oh, he also recommended some supp's for DH's sperm that my acu already gave him, so I liked that consistency a LOT!


  1. The A Team is going to be the winning team! I just know it! Dr. A sounds FANTASTIC! I am so glad he is testing so many things that often contribute to fertility issues that you either haven't been tested for or haven't been tested thoroughly for. I am like a crazy person about harassing people to get their thyroids checked, but I can't believe how differently each person's levels affects them. The thyroid is directly tied to hormone production, so I don't know why most doctors (especially RE's) don't test more thoroughly or dismiss so many people as "normal" who are not. Not saying that your thyroid won't be normal, but just saying that it's unfortunate that it wasn't tested thoroughly the first time. That's iteresting about the PCOS testing, too. PCOS, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and PCOS-like tendencies are considered symptoms of estrogen dominance as well, which I know you were identifying with on some level, so I think it's good that he's testing for those things, too. If estrogen dominance does turn out to be an issue for you, Femara might be a better choice, so YAY that he uses that! I am also super impressed that he recommended the same supplements your acu did for your DH! I'm so pumped for you!! Doesn't it feel like you have been given a "power up" in the TTC game once you've found a good doctor who really gives a shit?

  2. Woot Woot! Go A Team! Finally, a Dr. that listens and who is willing to go above and beyond to find out what can be contributing to you not conceiving. I literately LOL when I read "I live in Texas and even in August, you will find me with a hoodie." That is totally me! I also live in Texas and my family always looks at me like I am bizarre cause I am always complaining that I am cold. My Dr did test my thyroid and everything came back normal. So hopefully everything is ok with you. All in all I honestly feel like you are in good hands.

  3. I have PCOS and DOR (self diagnosed with DOR)...
    Hope the A-team is just what you need for a BFP. Sounds like you have a great plan in place! GL

  4. The "A Team" that! I pity the fool who forces you into IVF without listening first! haha!

    SO VERY EXCITED for you Amber! Can't wait to hear more about everything you find out with testing with your awesome new guy!

  5. Love the feeling you get when you have a new plan! So much hope & happiness! Very excited for you guys!!

  6. The A Team is definitely going to be "The Team"! The team that brings you your long awaited BFP! It is so important to have a dr on your side who is truly rooting for you and who tailors your protocol to your individual needs and body! So glad he wants to run some tests to learn more about you and how your body ticks. That is a GREAT sign!!!

    Prayiung for your daily girl! I'll also pray for the A team too. That they will have the knowledge and experience to bring you to your baby!


  7. Information is so helpful! That is great. Glad your doc is listening. What a great plan!

  8. SO glad things are looking up. That's great that Dr.A treated you like a person vs. a routine treatment. I am super optimistic and interested to see what this additional testing reveals. He seems very thorough. Wishing you nothing but the best! <3

  9. I am so excited that you have found an RE that you're comfortable with! That is so important! I love that he is actually taking the time to get to know you and what's going on with your medical history as opposed to just jumping right into IVF. Hopefully this guy will be your answer and you will be able to get your bfp soon!