Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trigger Time!

CD 10 today, and I went in my second ultrasound.  I was shocked to see my RE the one to do it on a Sunday!  I love that guy!  He can really talk to a woman, said I had a "beautiful uterus" :-)  So, we have three to work with, YAY!!

Leftie #1 is 24"
Leftie #2 is 18"
Righty is 22"
Lining is at a 9
E2 is 256

I will trigger tonight at 9:30 and then my IUI is on Tuesday at 9:30 am.  I am optimistic that this could work, but I am not pinning my heart on this working or saying "it's the one", I simply don't know, but of course, I hope so.  My beta will be on April 9th.  Two days before my 16 year dating anniversary and a week before my 8 year wedding anniversary.

The nurse who called to deliver my instructions said I could call her tonight at 9:30 if I had any questions or problems doing my IUI.  What office does this for you?


  1. Awesome news! Praying and KEX'd!

  2. What a great doctor and staff you have working with you! I am so, so glad that you found them. I think you have a great attitude about being hopeful without getting your heart set on it being the one, because it's hard to find any amount of peacefulness in your LP when you are "counting on it", I think. So glad you will be all finished with the injections tonight, and on to IUI Tuesday! I can't wait to hear updates!

  3. Yay! I knew those follies would catch up! I am super excited for you. Your RE's office sounds amazing. GL Amber really holding on to hope for yah!

  4. Woo hoo!!!! Horray for nice, big follies. OMG. That's awesome. Good luck.

  5. What a great staff that would offer that to you. The nurse in my OBGYN's office actually gave me her cell # when I did a trigger last summer before I moved to an RE. It was SO kind of her, and meant a lot, as it does to you, I'm sure.

    So excited for this cycle for you. Everything is lining up perfectly and I know GOOD things are going to happen!! xo

  6. Numbers are looking awfully perfect. Kinda hard not to get too excited about that, so I say GET EXCITED no holds barred! You've got this one in the bag baby!

  7. Hope your trigger went okay last night, Amber! I will be thinking about you tomorrow at 9:30 during your IUI! I know you aren't getting your hopes up, but I am for you! I want this to be it for you so badly! And you've got 3 beautiful follies, perfect lining, and a "beautiful uterus" so I don't see why it wouldn't be the perfect time for your BFP.

    Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way!

  8. Good luck at your IUI tomorrow!

  9. Everything looks so great, I really hope this is it for you! I hope the trigger/IUI went well, saying a prayer for you :)