Friday, April 26, 2013

6 weeks

On Wednesday I had my six week appointment and my first ultrasound.  I was scared to death leading up to the appointment and scared I would get bad news. More than anything I wanted to hear the heartbeat.  However, I was unable to since it was too early.  I did get to see the sac, the baby, and see the heartbeat flicker.  By my IUI calculations I was 6 weeks and 1 day at my appointment, but I measured at 6 weeks 0 days.  The nurse said this was fine, that a day difference either way doesn't mean anything especially when fertilization could've been the next day, so I tried to feel calmer about this.  My EDD is now 12/18/13.  My next appt is on May 8th.

As far as the way I've been feeling, I've been feeling okay for the most part.  My nipples were very sore at first and then all symptoms went away, which is when I really started to panic.  However, I've had some more cramping and this week 3 out of 5 days I've had some nausea with this morning being the worst.  I'm still feeling it even after toast and peanut butter, but it just means everything is happening as it should, so I am fine.  I am lucky to even be having concerns such as losses and morning sickness and symptoms.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beta #2

Hi everyone!  Sorry I am posting so late, this came on a day where I was working a bit later and then straight to the HOA Meeting (I'm the VP).  Anyways..  good news!  My beta is 294!  That's a doubling time of 34 hours!  Tomorrow DH and I meet with the RE to discuss the plans for the next 6 weeks.

Today I am 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant   I honest to God cannot believe this is real and I hope the baby continues to stick and grow.  This is my prayer for now.  4/24 will be my very first ultrasound   I will be six weeks and one day then and I should see a fetal pole, sac, and hear the heartbeat, if all goes well.

I am staying very, very optimistic that everything will be okay, but I am just reminding myself that ultimately it's outside of my control.  Thank you all so much for the love and support, I mean it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Beta #1

I can't believe it.  I mean honest to God, cannot believe it.  I am really pregnant!  I will be 4 weeks tomorrow! Eeek!  My due date is 12/17/13, the day after my own birthday, LOL!

My beta came back today at 113, I'm at 13 dpiui.  On Wed I go in to recheck and then Thursday we meet with the RE to see what comes next.  I honestly have no idea what to do now.  I'm trying to eat well, I cut caffeine out, alcohol is a given.  I just feel so unprepared, all I know is TTC, I don't know the "after" part.

If I could get a prayer that my beta doubles on Wed that would be great and especially that I have a safe and healthy 9 months and that everything is fine with my baby.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

When it doesn't seem real...

I've been testing out my trigger every other day, hoping that if I got a BFP, there would be no confusion.  At 7 dpiui I took my last trigger test.  I was chatting with someone online who talked me into just testing until my beta and see what happens...  I started on 9 dpiui and saw a line exactly like my 7 dpiui. I thought that was odd.  I thought, maybe...  Yesterday was 10 dpiui and the line was def darker. It was even darker that night.  I really couldn't deny what I was pretty sure of.  26 cycles before and ever even an eval, let alone a real line.

This morning's wondfo looks like yesterday mornings, so a little lighter than last night.  In a act of bravery I busted out the digital.

Not sure I can deny it at this point.  I did tell my husband this morning and he is just so happy and excited. Of course I need to hear it from the doctor and hear the beta number and that it doubled, but still...  I think is real!

I want to thank everyone for their support.  TTC especially when you have IF is so hard.  You have moments of hope, moments of sadness, moments of jealousy.  My journey is far from over and there's no guarantees that everything will go well, though, of course I hope.  I understand if anyone needs to remove me from their list or ignore me a for a while.  I have been there, I might be back there again since I don't know what will happen from here.  My beta is Monday, so we'll see how that goes.