Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Appt with high-risk specialist

My appointment went really well today.  They did an anatomy scan on my daughter while I was there and I'm pleased to report that at 18w0d, she is as perfect as can be!  Everything measured a little bit ahead, she weighs 9 oz right now and just developing exactly as she should.  She looks adorable in there, lol!

Now for my placenta.  It is lower than what they like, but not so incredibly low that it's dangerous.  It doesn't block or touch the cervix.  They said it was about an inch away.  It's in the front, which they like and they told me they think it will move.  They want to do a follow up at 24 weeks to check, so I'll call and schedule that, but so far everything is looking good.  The source of bleeding wasn't identified, but she really feels it's the polyp.  My OB called me in the afternoon and told me that if I bleed again to call him and they'll do another check and possibly remove the polyp.

I'm feeling so much more calm and relaxed and exhausted.  I've had so much trouble sleeping lately, but I can tell tonight I will be passed out.


  1. So glad your appt went well. Happy sleeping tonight !

  2. Hope you had a wonderful sleep last night! Glad everything is well with the little one.

  3. So glad to hear that the placenta is not covering the cervix. As your uterus grows, it more often than not will move further and further away from the cervix, never the other way around. I will keep praying that you will have no more episodes with bleeding and that your placenta will continue to move. As always, thinking of you!


  4. Yay for a great appt Amber!!!