Friday, July 5, 2013

The scariest 4th of July ever!

My plan for yesterday was this: Get up early, clean house, get everything all nice, everyone coming over to my house for BBQ and hangout, and then fireworks on top of the building where my husband works since it is the best view ever.  They set them off from the lawn and then right there on the roof is perfect.

What ended up happening?  I was going to the ER at 8:30 in the morning since I was bleeding bright red.  Gobs on toilet paper and then I threw on a pad, couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler and went to the ER.  I had a horrible, nightmarish experience.  I had to wait for 3.5 hours while the ultrasound tech on call got there to do my ultrasound.  I was at the ER a total of 6 hours.  The nurse blew two of my veins and my whole arm is bruised.  Just horrible, in the meantime I have no idea if I'm losing my baby or not.

I am lucky, the baby is fine.  Baby was active, heart looked good, everything was okay.  Bleeding stopped while at the ER.  They said my polyp was still there but I was good to go home and to call my OB in the morning.

Called my OB this morning and was seen immediately told to come in now.  He looked at the ultrasound from yesterday and did a pelvic.  He said the polyp is fine, he will leave it for now, but I do have a low lying placenta.  He said for now he's going to get me evaluated by the high-risk specialist, seeing her on the 16th, but for now I am okay.  He did said they will treat it like placenta previa if it doesn't go up.  He said the placenta should rise, but if not, as I progress I will be placed on bed rest and they will get me as close as they can to 37.5 weeks and then deliver the baby via c-section  We will see what happens.  For today the baby is okay and I am okay.  I was even cleared to attend Scentsy Convention next week and he gave me a manilla envelope with my prenatal records in case something happens and I have to go the ER.  I was also given better instructions for next time, if there is a next time, on the ER, but I'm feeling more confident overall.

My reveal party is on the 14th and I am lucky whether I am blessed with a boy or a girl.  Looking forward to finding out with family and friends.

Oh and we were still able to get the house looking descent and had the BBQ and an amazing fireworks show.  I am just so glad the baby is doing okay.  I am praying he or she continues to and that I'll be meeting him/her this holiday season.


  1. Amber - that is so scary. I am so happy that everything turned out OK for you! I'm so excited to find out the gender of your baby!

  2. so scary. I'm so sorry. I'm glad that the baby is doing good and can't wait to find out what you are having!

  3. So scary! Sorry you had to go through that!

  4. Oh my....thank God everything is okay with you and baby! You are still so early, so placenta previa as this stage is not that uncommon. Most of the time it will move up as your uterus grows. I will pray that that will happen so that you won't have to have a c-section and can go full term. Just take it easy and don't be afraid to head to the ER again if anything seems off or you start bleeding again!


  5. So sorry you had to experience that feeling but I am glad things turned out to be fine. Praying that your placenta rises.

  6. I'm so thankful that everything is okay and I"ll be praying that it stays that way!! Sounds like your doctor is on top of it and you're in good hands!!

  7. Thank god everything is ok! Take it easy!!!

  8. How very scary. I'm glad everything seems to be okay. Have fun at the convention!