Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I can't believe I've seen the day when I can actually post this, but here I am!  Yesterday was 24w0d exactly, my sweet Kate Lyn is viable!  I just truly can't believe it!!  I feel so incredibly lucky, I can't even explain it.

I had my ultrasound appointment yesterday, mostly to check on the placenta, but it ended up being another anatomy scan.  Over an hour of seeing my beautiful, beautiful princess and getting to see every piece and part of her that's forming exactly as it should.  I can't believe this miracle.  It was amazing to see her move on the screen and then feel it in my body, very surreal.  I've been smiling every since.

I've been dealing with a few bleeding episodes that have left me unsettled and I was becoming more and more worried that I have placenta previa.  I bleed about once a week for about 30-45 min, usually a light steady flow that's bright red, no tissue.  Last week I had either bled or spotted nearly every single day and it just scared me, so I was a bit anxious for this ultrasound and not really expecting to get much info.  However, in her own way, this amazing tech delivered.  She said things like here's your placenta way up here, and here's your cervix way over there, as in, no the placenta is not near and you are okay.  I meet with my OB Friday morning and I'll do another update on that day after seeing him.  Her overall measurement for the u/s was 24w1d, so just perfect as can be!

Here's my current bump pic and also a pic from yesterdays u/s showing her sweet face.  She's too big now for her whole body to show up in one picture, so her 18 week photo is the last one I have of her like that.