Thursday, October 31, 2013

Labor and Delivery visit-33 weeks

On Tuesday I finished my last childbirth class.  I walked out of the hospital and told David, well, that's it, next time I'm here it's "show time".  Well......  Not even 24 hours later I find myself in Labor and Delivery...

I've been feeling "off" for a few days.  On Saturday after 8 weeks of no bleeding and spotting I find blood in the morning.  I call the on-call OB who tells me not to worry, as long as it's stopped I'm okay.  I go about my day, Sunday I don't feel so hot.  Monday and Tuesday I have a hard time at work.  Nothing special, just a very strong urge to go home, well, duh, I have a million and one things to do before Katy comes.

Wednesday-yesterday, I wake up and notice some cramps.  Weird, but whatever, I go to work.  I have cramps all day at work.  I notice more tightness than usual in my uterus and also some discharge (sorry TMI).  I decide to call around 2:30ish to see if it's "normal" to feel what I feel.  My OB is on vacay for a week (of course) so the nurse talks to on-call doctor and I get a call back saying, no, not normal, go to hospital.  I'm trying to talk the nurse out of this.  Cramps aren't that bad, not wrapping around my back, no sign of weird fluid leakage, no blood, etc...  She says, "GO!".  I get this call while my friend is giving me the shower pics and so I go to the hospital.  I get hooked up and the whole time I'm apologizing, cause nothing is really happening, right??? WRONG!

Contractions are at 6 minutes apart pretty steadily and I start feeling them more.  They just monitor me and Katy (she is doing lovely as always), but my contractions do not stop or lessen or anything.  After a couple of hours they do a cervical check and I'm starting to dilate, almost a full CM, normal for about 36 weeks, not 33 weeks.  So the nurse calls the on-call OB back and they get ready to give me a shot of this nice thing called Terbutaline (being sarcastic).  This shot burns like anything going in (similar to my trigger shot) and hurts at the site after.  It sends your body into "fight or flight" response, so increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, etc, so I feel like crap, but contractions slow finally after 4 hours of six minute intervals.  After 30 minutes I have just a few minor ones and I'm given one more shot and sent home.  I don't know why my body went into "early labor" mode, but it was pretty scary.  Viable doesn't mean ready and I hope she doesn't come any earlier than at least 4 weeks.

My next OB appointment is 11/8 when my guy is back in town and I hope nothing major happens in between.  I took today off of work to relax and take it easy and hopefully my body doesn't do anything like it did yesterday.  All prayers that my princess make it to term are appreciated.

Baby Shower

I've said it before and I'll say it again-to say that I am lucky and blessed is a complete understatement of my life.  I have the most incredible marriage and the most amazing and wonderful friends.  I had my shower on October 19th and I just got my pictures yesterday.  So, this blog is mostly a picture frenzy.  I feel so unbelievably lucky and amazed that anyone would go through this much effort just for me and my girl.

Lets begin with the decorations.  Oh and the theme, due to my Hello Kitty obsession, is "Hello Katy".

Then there were the guests and the gifts:

 This is a hand-made I-Spy quilt-Love it!!!

Handmade quilt in nursery colors-so soft!!!

Love this personalized Hello Kitty onesie from my girl Veronica!!  Shout out to the most awesome girl ever, my only real-life friend that reads this blog.  :-)

The best for last-My "Dream Team", the hostesses that made this amazing shower possible!!!  
(I hope it's okay Veronica, I don't single you out in the photo)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 week countdown begins...

To say I am surprised to be this far along is an understatement.  I honestly cannot believe that I am 30 weeks today!  I am blown away at how far along I am and many days that I'm even pregnant at all, but here I am.

I have so many mixed feelings and emotions.  I am beyond blessed to be here, but at the same time I hurt for those who have yet to join me.  Those who are still trying and praying each and every day.  I stay as active as I can and I hope those of you who are still trying know how much I care and how much I will continue to support you.  Some days and with some people I struggle with how much to show myself because while I know the support is appreciated, the reminder of where I am isn't.  I would hate to bring pain to anyone because while I may be pregnant, I don't ever forget the pain, nor will I ever.

I had a little bit of a rough 2nd trimester.  I bled at least once a week, sometimes more.  I was pretty scared that things were not going well that I would either lose my daughter or that she would come way too soon.  However close the end of the 2nd tri the bleeding stopped, it was right around my last ultrasound at 24 weeks that showed my placenta has moved.  Around 27 weeks I started to feel more energetic and in general I feel pretty good.  I do have some discomfort, some pain, but all that is normal, and all that is a reminder that every day my baby girl grows bigger and stronger.

I had my OB appt yesterday and it went as perfect as perfect can be.  My uterus measures exactly right, my blood pressure is nice and low at 100/57, my weight gain has been minimal at 5 lbs (I wasn't little to start with or anything), and all my gestational diabetes test came back at 107 after one hour.  All my other blood work is perfect.  My OB pretty much considers me the ideal pregnant woman right now.  I've never really heard those words before "just perfect" when it came to anything regarding my body, so quite surprised.

I'm on target for a regular birth when Kate Lyn is ready.  We've begun working on her nursery with her furniture arriving on Sunday.  I'll be sharing pictures once it's completed.  I'll have one more ultrasound probably around 34 weeks to get a good gauge on her measurements and maybe even an estimate on when she might arrive.

Last week my husband and I started childbirth classes.  The first class scared the crap out of me.  It was an overview, but after spending so much time trying to figure out how to get her in me, it's a little unnerving to figure out how she's going to come out, but it's going to be fine.  I will also be encapsulating the placenta and I've contacted a professional who does this and my OB and hospital are accepting of that and said I can take the placenta.  I will start acupuncture again in two weeks (10/22) to prep my body for labor and end of pregnancy stuff.

Here's a bit of  a timeline of events:

Chidlbirth classes-every single Tuesday in October (5 week series)
Infant Care class-Took this on 10/5, very informative and good class.
Breastfeeding class-10/27
My baby shower is 10/19
Maternity shoot is on 11/17-exactly one month before my due date

I'm scheduling both newborn photos at the hospital and the weekend after she comes home.  The hospital ones will mostly be her, probably a couple with my husband and I.  The home ones of course will be her, husband and I, and possibly grandparents/aunt/uncles/cousins.

I'm currently seeing the OB every two weeks, my next appointment is 10/21 and he'll discuss my last ultrasound at that time.

Lastly, here's some pictures taken of me today at 30 weeks.