Thursday, October 31, 2013

Labor and Delivery visit-33 weeks

On Tuesday I finished my last childbirth class.  I walked out of the hospital and told David, well, that's it, next time I'm here it's "show time".  Well......  Not even 24 hours later I find myself in Labor and Delivery...

I've been feeling "off" for a few days.  On Saturday after 8 weeks of no bleeding and spotting I find blood in the morning.  I call the on-call OB who tells me not to worry, as long as it's stopped I'm okay.  I go about my day, Sunday I don't feel so hot.  Monday and Tuesday I have a hard time at work.  Nothing special, just a very strong urge to go home, well, duh, I have a million and one things to do before Katy comes.

Wednesday-yesterday, I wake up and notice some cramps.  Weird, but whatever, I go to work.  I have cramps all day at work.  I notice more tightness than usual in my uterus and also some discharge (sorry TMI).  I decide to call around 2:30ish to see if it's "normal" to feel what I feel.  My OB is on vacay for a week (of course) so the nurse talks to on-call doctor and I get a call back saying, no, not normal, go to hospital.  I'm trying to talk the nurse out of this.  Cramps aren't that bad, not wrapping around my back, no sign of weird fluid leakage, no blood, etc...  She says, "GO!".  I get this call while my friend is giving me the shower pics and so I go to the hospital.  I get hooked up and the whole time I'm apologizing, cause nothing is really happening, right??? WRONG!

Contractions are at 6 minutes apart pretty steadily and I start feeling them more.  They just monitor me and Katy (she is doing lovely as always), but my contractions do not stop or lessen or anything.  After a couple of hours they do a cervical check and I'm starting to dilate, almost a full CM, normal for about 36 weeks, not 33 weeks.  So the nurse calls the on-call OB back and they get ready to give me a shot of this nice thing called Terbutaline (being sarcastic).  This shot burns like anything going in (similar to my trigger shot) and hurts at the site after.  It sends your body into "fight or flight" response, so increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, etc, so I feel like crap, but contractions slow finally after 4 hours of six minute intervals.  After 30 minutes I have just a few minor ones and I'm given one more shot and sent home.  I don't know why my body went into "early labor" mode, but it was pretty scary.  Viable doesn't mean ready and I hope she doesn't come any earlier than at least 4 weeks.

My next OB appointment is 11/8 when my guy is back in town and I hope nothing major happens in between.  I took today off of work to relax and take it easy and hopefully my body doesn't do anything like it did yesterday.  All prayers that my princess make it to term are appreciated.


  1. My dear Amber, sounds like a scary week for you. I'm so glad they were able to stop things so you can go home and let Katy "cook" a little longer!! Praying for both of you!

  2. rest!!!! So scary! keep on cooking baby!!!

  3. Praying for at least 4 more weeks..

  4. I'm so sorry you had to go through that terrifying experience. I hope the next 7 weeks are uneventful. Big hugs, friend.

  5. Sorry you had to go through that experience. Will be praying that she hold in tight and makes it in there a bit longer.