Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And the pendulum swings again....

I have a feeling I am in for something else with this precious girl of mine once she's here, LOL!  She's been giving me quite the roller coaster this month.

So, 37 week appointment today.  First of all, I am TERM!  Yay!  Early term, but term nontheless.  I am doing great overall.  She's measuring perfectly, minimal weight gain, my blood pressure perfect, my blood sugar is perfect, her heatbeat is awesome, she's very, very active (ouch, but GOOD!).

My "magical" cervix today is back at 3 cm!!  I had a ton of contractions most of the day yesterday, I've been having some this morning.  My OB is pretty pleased, told me to take it easy for Thanksgiving, but she'll probably arrive sometime between now and her due date.  Hubby and I are about as ready as we're gonna be.

My insomnia has been horrible!!  I'm barely sleeping and just exhausted.  OB says it's normal for where I'm at, I guess I'm getting practice for what's coming soon.  :-)

My OB tried explaining what happened and said at 33 weeks when my brain sent labor signals, my body responded in kind by dilating.  With drugs and bed rest that signal was turned off and therefore my cervix retracted, like what happens after you give labor.  Now the signal has started again, so he thinks I won't need an induction or anything like that.

We'll see how this story continues to unfold...


  1. Oh my!! Term is such a beautiful word! I can't wait to see pictures when she gets here!

  2. So glad that things have settled down and you are TERM!! That's fantastic news. Much love my dear, Amber.

  3. Yay! Congrats on your huge milestone. I can't wait to "meet"her.