Sunday, November 3, 2013


All weekend I have felt contractions. I felt them off and on all day Satirday as DH and I rushed to get what we could ready for Kate Lyn. Sat night I had a lot of lower back pain and I lost my mucus plug with "bloody show". I wondered if I should call OB or go to the hospital and I decided to just go to sleep. Woke up Sunday really early without much change. I started feeling cramping and more contractions and mid-morning called on-call OB who told me to lay on my left side and drink water if no change, go to the hospital. 30 min later was at the hospital where I had a lot of regular contractions and dilated to a 3.

I was admitted on bed rest along with a magnesium drip to try and stop labor along with steroids to help her lungs develop. An ultrasound at the hospital shows her weight at 5lbs 0 oz and head down. I am here for minimum 48 hours and will go from there. At that time I'll be 34 weeks.

The magnesium makes me feel like shit, but anything for my little girl. If you have a moment please say a prayer for us or a good thought. Thank you!


  1. Praying! Stay put a little more little Katy!

  2. Still praying for you and Katy. I wish that everyone who struggled with infertility got to at least have an easy, uneventful pregnancy :(

  3. Amber I have been thinking about you and little Katy nonstop. Sending many, many prayers your way. xoxo

  4. Thinking of you and your little girl, and hoping that the magnesium can buy you time.