Thursday, January 2, 2014

Postpartum update

Kate Lyn is 17 days old today!  I can't believe how the time is going by!  So, how's it been going?

Well, Katy is a wonderful baby.  I am so lucky she doesn't have colic or anything like that.  She's been having some issues with gas, but it's getting better after changing up her formula a bit and adding some gas drops and keeping her on her tummy more after eating, etc.  She's gained some weight and is now 7 lbs 2 oz.  The gas is making her upset and she's up a lot at night and some during the day with it, but hopefully it gets better.  I'm tired, naturally, but honestly cannot complain since she's so amazing.

The only other issue and this has nothing to do with her, is breastfeeding.  I had a massive reduction back in 2002, where 12 lbs of tissue were removed.  I was a size II and they brought me down to a D.  I always knew I would struggle and sure enough I am.  I am taking supplements and pumping regularly.  Nursing didn't work out because I wasn't producing enough, she had issues latching, and then she wasn't even being rewarded once she did latch, so I spent all day trying to nurse and her screaming and it turned into a negative time for us both when I just wanted to bond with her, so bottle feeding and pumping has worked best.  I currently pump about 3 oz a day.  This is nothing, 3 oz is about one feeding for her.  So I pump all day long and it's gone in one feeding, which we usually do at night.  I'm continuing with the supplements and hoping it gets better, but some milk is better than none.

My post op appt with my OB is on 1/16 and at that appt I'll talk to him about the fact that I want to TTC as soon as it's safe to do so.  I'm not very confident in a natural or quick BFP, but I plan on trying.  I'll probably blog more about that once I start.  The plan is to go back to the RE mid to late summer if no BFP so I can do medicated treatments again. 


  1. Congrats on bonding time with your sweet angel. When, if, we have a baby we will probably try again as soon as it's safe to. I've always wanted more than one (would love 3) and at the ripe age of 35 I feel like we've gotta squeeze them all in to a short window. That is if we can get one on board and convince it to stick around & enjoy the ride! Any new pics of Kate Lyn?

  2. I'm glad everything is coming along with Kate Lyn. Don't feel bad about breast feeding. My mother didn't have much success with that either.

  3. Yay for no colic! Sorry to hear breastfeeding has been rough. Lots of women have trouble and don't even mess with it, so I commend you for sticking it out and continuing to try your best.

    So, what do they suggest when you don't produce enough on your it possible to just use donor milk, or do they suggest just supplementing with formula? I'm not sure if donor milk can only be made available for preemies or how all that works. I'm obviously going to be a clueless FTM. ;)

    1. Emily, I've been feeling pretty clueless!! I spent so much energy on TTC that once I got a BFP I felt I knew nothing. Every time I felt I "understood" something, even while pregnant, it would change on me and I'd be like, uh???? Then she was born and I'm still like "uh????", lol! I feel like, okay this is what she needs, this can be the schedule and bam change! All due to the rate of growth.

      There are donor milk banks available. Had she been a preemie, I would have done that in a heartbeat. Since she was term though, I've been supplementing with formula. We've gone through a few different ones now, but I think I have her on the right one for her. We started off with Enfamil Newborn, mainly because when I realized I was starving my poor child, I had a free sample already at home. Did that one for a bit and I decided I wanted "organic" for her, so I got Earth's Best Organic. She had horrible gas with that one, it just didn't work at all, so went back to the Enfamil Newborn. She was having constipation issues, as in by two weeks old she had only pooped twice period! She was getting fussy, crying, which led me to cry because my baby is in pain and I can't help her, so she and I would just sit and cry together. Pedi gave a few recommendations and then I decided to try Enfamily Soybee, it's lactose/dairy free and for sensitive tummies. Since then she's pooped on her own every 24-36 hours, so I'll stick with it since she's doing pretty good. Just still having the gas issues. On Pedi recommendation she gets gas drops before each feeding, I try to burp her well. Heard about "gripe water" yesterday and that helped her out too, so I think we're on our way.

      Every newborn is different and my hubby and I took all the classes we could. I took classes for BFing, newborn care, and childbirth. Right now I feel not a single one has helped or prepared me. They only covered what is normal, not what common issues may be and how to handle them. BFing covered nothing on supps that can help production. Had I been more aware I would have had those on hand for the moment I gave birth, now I feel I started at a disadvantage, but there's supps you can take that help increase supply and it is helping me, it's just no where near enough for her.

      I hope this helped. I keep up on your updates on the Aug 2014 link on your blog, but I wish there was a way to comment. I'm so happy you finally got that BFP and I've been following the whole way through and will continue to do so. *hugs*

    2. Well there is no owner's manual, and she's still alive, so I think you're doing great! haha! Don't beat yourself up over the breast feeding stuff. I'm glad you are finding things that work well for her, and honestly no class can teach you what will end up working's just trial and error more than anything at the end of the day. I'm sure you are doing an amazing job!

      P.S. I will make it so people can comment on my pregnancy timeline tab.

  4. OMG. How did I miss that you had her already?! CONGRATS!!!!

  5. I love this update! Sorry bf is so hard but you are doing a great job supplementing. My BFF IRL was never able to produce enough and had to supp with formula and her baby is beautiful and perfect. :) You are a fabulous mommy! :)