Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Fourth Trimester

The first three months of a newborns life are often called "The Fourth Trimester", since newborns are still very much in the womb with the way the act and relate to the world.  They have day/night confusion and don't interact much.  Their entire world consists of eating, sleeping, and eliminating.  As you get closer and closer to the 3 month mark, there is more and more interaction.  They start to "wake up", so to speak.

For the first two weeks of Kate Lyn's life, she was nearly always sleeping.  She'd wake up to eat and go right back to sleeping.  After two weeks, anytime she wasn't asleep, she was crying.  I was told she had "colic", 'cause most of her crying was in the evening and night.  It was pretty much all night long too.  When she was six weeks old my mom was over at my house and saw some of this "colic" behavior, well, she told me to call the pediatrician that something wasn't right.  The pediatrician told me that what I thought was colic was actually reflux.  I got her on meds and we had to play with them all the way even until last week.  She'd be okay for about a week or two and then it would come back.  Be gone and come back, right now she's on prevacid solutabs and also Zantac to help manage it and it's going pretty good at the moment.  I hope she's able to grow out of it.

Once the meds were under control the extreme crying and screaming stopped.  At week 8 I went back to work and she seemed to have days and nights better.  I'd wake up a few times in the night to feed her and right back to sleep.  Anytime she was awake though she was still not very happy, didn't smile or interact much.

A huge change occurred at week 11.  She suddenly started being more aware, she started looking at things, tracking, smiling, and starting to enjoy stuff.  Now we're at the 3 month mark, 13 weeks tomorrow and she's doing these very consistently, although when she's tired she still gets upset, but I love the new interactions that are taking place.

She's also gained a good amount of weight, so I've begun dubbing her "my little chunker".  I love this girl with all my heart.  She is absolutely the light of my world.

Here's her pictures for the first three months:

You can really see her fill out and start to change and become a baby.  It's sad to see start to grow so much already, she's in 6 month clothes, but I love watching her grow more and more each day.

Here are some of my other favorite photos of her:

I'm excited to see what the next few months bring.  I've also begun very actively TTC.  Try as I might, breastfeeding didn't quite work out like I hoped.  I saw a lactation consultant, took many supp's and meds, and pumped, but I just couldn't produce more than one bottle a day.  It was taking too much time away from her, from sleep, from other things so I've stopped.  I saw my RE on the 12th and unfortunately I have an AFC of 3!!  My AMH is being rechecked, but the plan is to just try naturally until summer and then go back to treatments.  Maybe I'll get lucky again and be able to give her a sibling.  I do hope so.  I'm meeting with my RE on 4/2 to discuss all my labs, so I'll go from there.  I hope I get AF between now and then too.  My RE things I'll O in the next couple of weeks so I've temping and will start on OPKs soon.  I'm back to seeing my acu too.


  1. Her eyes are so beautiful! It sounds like you had a tiring time at first and I'm sure that didn't help the milk supply at all. I bet you can barely stand the love you have for her... I can't wait for the fourth trimester with the twins.

    Good luck with TTC!

  2. Ur daughter is adorable! Hope u get ur second miracle naturally. Maybe u will just be one of those lucky women. Crossing my fingers.

  3. She's gorgeous! Enjoy it! It goes by so fast. My LO is almost 9 months already, crawling and starting to pull up to standing!

  4. Aww, she is so sweet in all her hello kitty gear!

    (This is Kearazy from bbc, saw the blog link in your signature)

  5. Precious sweet hunny! Enjoy this time!