Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Katie!

I can't believe it.  Happy Birthday to my sweet, wonderful, amazing Kate Lyn!  How is it possible that a year's gone by already?

I'm not even sure how to describe it, except to say it's been the most amazing and incredible year ever.  She has filled my life with all the love and light I could ever imagine.  I love her more and more each moment.  It's been an honor to see her personality develop as she's grown older.

Here's the hard part.  When you're holding that newborn you hear "enjoy every moment.  It goes by so fast."  I did that.  The late night's, the crying, all of it.  I have more pictures of her in this year that I do the 18 years my husband and I have been together.  I've tried to video, take pictures of, and savor every single moment-good and hard.  As I said, the hard part?  All you ever get is a moment.  They change so fast and so rapidly that the minute you get used to anything, the minute you're like, "oh, look!" It's gone and over and done.  

I had a hard time accepting my precious girl turning 1.  I'm not sure why, but it's been very emotional to me.  I'll never get this year again and for some reason I feel the next 17 years will go by like this too and then one day she'll be on her own, or a teenager who would rather by with friends than with mom (as a teenager should).  I just want to keep her in my arms forever. 

Here's a little look at Katie's first year and who my little girl has become.

I love these pictures because each one shows  a little piece of her personality.  She is smart and so funny  She has one heck of a personality.  Most of these picture were not easy to take.  For some reason she's great until I need to really get a picture, and then she's like "No!"  

Lets take a look at Katie a year ago.

And my precious girl now

How happy she makes me

I love my family!

Who is Katie and what can she do?  This poster was made the day before her birthday party.  The day of her party, 12/13/14, Katie decided to walk 3-4 steps.  So I'd do this differently now, lol.  But it's Katie's way ;-)

Wishing my sweet Katie a wonderful and awesome first birthday!!  Oh, and happy 34th birthday to me too today.


  1. So sweet! Awesome that you share a bday too. Love the poster idea, and her tutu dress is beyond adorable. So happy for your family to enjoy such a wonderful time!

  2. Happy birthday to the both of u! Oh how the year flew by.

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday!!!