Saturday, January 17, 2015

Let the games begin......

NYE I saw my RE and so did DH to get our testing redone. My AMH came back the highest ever at .70 and my AFC was even 11 and that was on cd 9.  Craziness.  In the end though, it doesn't really  matter.  It's still DOR and that hasn't changed.  At least it didn't get worse.  DH's SA came back okay.  Morph was on the low side at 6%, but what I'm finding shows it's fine if it's above 4.  He's taking some vitamins my RE gave him and I'm taking vitamin D (mine was low), some pill to lower prolactin.  My prolactin was normal, but I'm still lactating a bit, so he put me on it to try and dry me up.  So far no change.  I'm also back on glumetza because my reactive hypglycemia is quite bad.  My fasting sugar was normal at 89, one hour a bit of a spike at 129, and the second hour a staggering drop at 26.  Amazing I didn't pass out in the office.

Anyways.....  AF came yesterday and here I am back on the treatment bandwagon.  It's been 13 natural cycles since Katie and this starts the 14th.  I had my baseline yesterday.  My AFC was 10-12 (we're calling it a dozen eggs) and I start Femara 5 mg tomorrow.  On Wednesday I'll start my injections, 75 iu Gonal-F and 75 iu Menopur.  on Friday, 1/23, I'll go in for my first follie check.

I'm scared out of my mind.  I feel I got lucky with it working so well last time.  Terrified I won't have the same outcome.  We'll see....  


  1. Best of luck on ur upcoming cycle.

  2. Wishing you luck and baby dust on this cycle!

  3. Sending you so many good luck vibes!! I hope this cycle works for you! xoxo