Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pretty sure it's over

I'm sorry I haven't been great about commenting on everyone's blogs lately.  I promise I'll catch up soon.

I've been poas since Wed, since I've had a bad feeling and well, it doesn't look good.  I'll keep testing, but I don't see how the line would be any kind of lighter at the point where my HCG should be now.


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  3. Actually the test strips are only able to quantify to a certain extent and so if your HCG is to high for the strip it will show lighter. Some you had 2 sacks your HCG should be higher than someone with just a singelton. They say past a certain point you would have to dilute your urine and then the strip would be darker.

    I can tell you from experience that it was true for me with my 2 pregnancy. I tested like you a little later in the game and was heart broken to see a lighter test strip so I read about it and found what I wrote above. My pregnancy ended with a beautiful baby girl so don't give up hope just yet! Could be your HCG is just to high for the strips to measure!!