Tuesday, March 31, 2015

11 weeks

I'm exactly 11 weeks today.  I had my last RE appointment and it was so bittersweet.  I'm glad I'm done with the RE, and assuming this pregnancy continues to go well, which I do, I'm done forever. This is the man who gave me hope when I didn't have it.  This is my  man who brought me 3 children when I never thought I'd have one.  He's the one person who's brought me hope since the first moment I stepped into his office.  I recommend him and his practice to everyone I know.  I was practically in tears when I left.

However, I'm excited to move forward.  I meet with my OB on Friday.  He did an amazing job with Katie and I know he will with the twins too or find someone for me who can.

Both babies are doing amazing!  I'll start the blog with Big Sister Katie.  She needs to be shown off too.  Katie is now 15 months old.  She is smart, beautiful, and sweet.  She LOVES animals.  She saying more words, loves to dance, and loves books.  She's so much fun and she's an adventure girl.  She is my heart and my soul.

Now, for the twins.  Baby A is measuring 11w4d with a nice heartbeat of 178.

Baby B is measuring 11w2d with a strong heartbeat of 187.

To say I feel lucky is an understatement.  I can't believe how all of this has turned out and while I know twins are risky and anything can happen.  I'm trying to stay hopeful that it's going to go well and they will be okay.


  1. My girls had those same rates on their heartbeats :) They look fantastic!

  2. Your little girl is so big already. Glad everything is going well with the twins. Hope everything continued to progress.