Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Hook Effect

A few people made comments yesterday, including one on my blog, about the higher your hcg goes the lighter your tests become.  That you need to dilute your urine with 50% water and then test and you'll see a darker line.  Well, I tried it and it seems to be true, which has calmed me down a bit.

The first test is my urine without dilution and the second test is urine with dilution.  You can read more here:

I'm still nervous, but feeling a bit better and clearly no more poas.  I've just been very upset and scared since Wed.  I want this baby so bad.  I want everything to be okay.  I want to see a heartbeat.  I have seen some posts where people had what I had at my u/s and then a week later there was a heartbeat and everything was fine.  I just hope that's me.  I guess it would be easier if I didn't keep comparing everything to my first pregnancy.  I do know that things don't vary very much at first.

Thank you everyone who's been supporting me and encouraging me throughout all of this.


  1. What a roller coaster for you! I send my love sweet girl.

  2. That is very encouraging! Praying for you!!

  3. I had the hook effect in my last pregnancy. It is REAL! Stop POASing... trust it. I know it is hard.

  4. I had to stop testing after hook effect. Fingers crossed for a great u/s update!

  5. I get how hard it is to stop testing but sometimes testing can make your nerves worst. Hope everything is well.