Thursday, June 11, 2015

Counseling Appt

My counseling appt was meh. She both wanted to book a second appt and refer me to someone else. I dunno what to think. I'm too overwhelmed.

Up until now I've felt mostly guilt, sadness, and depression. Pockets of bitterness and rage are starting to come out as of yesterday evening. I snapped a bit on an online thread.

I've also started looking at urns. I was planing on crib shopping not urn shopping. I got too sad and overwhelmed and I stopped.

I'm exhausted today and just don't feel well. Praying Katie stays asleep as long as possible to get me closer to when DH gets home. It's MIL's bday so the evening should go by pretty easy and then DH is taking his last bereavement day tomorrow.

Random post I know.

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