Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day of Hope-My Flags

Today is August 19th, CarlyMarie's Day of Hope and the day Prayer Flags are flown everywhere.

I'm not very creative and I'm not good at art stuff.  However, I really wanted to create something for Emma and Chase, so I tried.  I have to be honest, I'm proud of what we did.  I say "we", because I felt so peaceful working on it.  Like they were with me and we were doing this together.  This might sound weird to some people, but it's how I feel. This wasn't a sad thing, but a happy thing to do and I'm glad I did it.  Again, I know this is mediocre in the crafting world, but I'm proud of our very first flags.

Here is Emma's Flag

Here is Chase's Flag

These are the charms inside the hearts.

I put these in each pillow as a way to connect the two together.  I also used batting.

Dear Emma and Chase,

It's been 12 weeks.  In some ways I can't believe I'm coming on three months and in some ways it feels just like yesterday.  I think about you both every single day.  I talk to you and I miss you.  I still feel guilty for what happened, that my body failed you and that you're gone.  I hope with all my heart you don't hate me.  I used to think so, but I think it was me hating myself.  I don't feel that anymore, but I honestly don't know.  I hope you know that every single day, no matter what happens, I will carry you with me.  I don't regret one second or one moment I had with you, I just wish it had been so much more.  Thank you for all you've given me. Because of you I am a better person. I love you!


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  1. They look beautiful! Not a mediocre attempt in any way!