Saturday, August 29, 2015


'm a personal fan of babywearing. I have this amazing, independent daughter who doesn't cuddle much and this is a great way for us to get our cuddles, bond, and also I can easily carry her around in public when she'd rather not walk or it's safer not to. She's outgrown her infant carrier and needed something bigger.
During my search I came across the most perfect one. I wanted a Toddler Tula since the Standard Tula had worked so well for us. I wanted something in blue for her eyes. Then I saw it, the perfect carrier. I saw a custom Oscha Surya Toddler Tula. For those familiar with babywearing, you know how awesome that is (and expensive), for those who don't know babywearing, well, it's a custom carrier, meaning they're one of a kind type thing.
The seller happened to be a friend of mine and I fell in love with it before even seeing who the lister was. This carrier was the one I had to have because the Oscah Surya is a blue with a yellow sun on it. The blue was perfect for my blue eyed beauty and oh the sun. I had to have the sun. You see, a Sunshine baby is a baby born before a loss. I'd often called her my Sunshine and one of our nightly songs is You Are My Sunshine, but ever since the loss of Chase and Emma it's become even more special.
The people involved don't read my blog, but I thank both Laura and Elizabeth.  Oh and I had to get action shots right away. Forgive me lack of makeup, it's the weekend and I'm pretty casual.


  1. Love it! I <3 babywearing and I totally <3 wrap conversion tulas!

  2. Look how happy your beautiful daughter is with her mama :)