Monday, August 3, 2015

The start of the Prayer Flags

I've been stumped on what to do for my Prayer Flags for the twins.  I watched a video on CarlyMarie on FB and felt inspired.  I also went to Hobby Lobby with a friend and browsed to see what I could find.  I have a few ideas on what to do with all this material, but not sure 100%.  I'll see how it comes to me as I work on it.

For now, let me share some of my goodies.

Here's all the supplies together that I got today

A better look a the fabric.  The actual flags will be made out of the pink and blue chevron cloth.  I think it's easy to guess which one is Emma's and which one will be for Chase.

Here's the other supplies.  The birds just called to me to do something with them.  Also the yarn is to hang the flag. The charms, two of them say love and the other two are two peas in a pod.  I also have gold fringe and iron on letters.

It felt good to just look for something that's just for them.  My friend kept telling me what do you feel when you think of them.  This is a hard project because right now I feel pain and wonder, I don't "know" them.  Right now all I think of is what I lost.  I'm hoping this project helps me bond with them.


  1. I can't wait to see your Flags.
    I hope I didn't say that the wrong way or offend you.
    Not my intention, it absolutely makes no difference how a baby is conceived.
    I have done just about everything to try to have a baby... that's why they were my miracles. <3 Thinking of you and your flags are already looking good!!! SO glad you found some inspiration from our chat! love the fabric.

    1. Not at all Samone! I was worried I offended you. I can't wait to see your flags too. This project makes me excited and hopeful. I'm realizing that my memories of them aren't over, they will continue on with things like this. They are still part of my life and future, just differently than what I wanted and imagined.

  2. I love the things you chose. I think I would like to make something too. I'm not sure what, but with the twins' birthday coming up in October, I think doing something nice for them would be lovely. Make sure to post pictures when you are done!