Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 months...

Here is what I definitely didn't expect, 4 months after I waslked into that ER in May, I'd be discharged from the hospital once again.

Huh? My next blog I thought would be about my first counseling appointment. Instead, it's about how Monday, I had to be admitted to the hospital again and should be discharged this evening. After a weekend of fever, severe back pain, shakes, chills, and sweats, that also included a trip to minor emergency with a dx of kidney infection and given antibiotics, I only got worse. Monday morning I saw my pcp who sent me to a nearby hospital for a ct scan. CT scan showed a severe infection in the right kidney and l was admitted to the hospital. Only good thing I can say is that I'm at a diff hospital than May. Although that hospital was a lot better/nicer.

I've learned that the infection I have is E. coli. It's the most common kidney infection. I have spent most of this week in horrific pain. I've gone through hours upon hours of fever, shakes, chills, and sweats. I've currently been fever free since 4:00 am and right now it's 2:30 and this is the longest I've gone. Also no shakes, chills, or sweats since then, just some pain still and I'm very exhausted.

I've had a lot of diff thoughts and moods all week. All the way from
This Karma/punishment for killing my babies to just general fears that I can't remain healthy. Had the failed cycle worked, I woukdve lost another bath this week and I keep trying to remind myself I wasnt pregnant this time. I am now terrified and want more testing, like autoimmune, but I hear it doesn't give much info and isn't real helpful. I'm just scared that no matter what I do I seem unable to get and stay healthy. Right now I'm scared to ever get pregnant again. Right now honestly just very scared, confused, and lost.

I also, months ago, did expect to be hospitalized im Sept but to give birth, not to deal with this, so this is also making ne emotional and how quickly life turned and I just don't know it's ever going to be okay.

My pcp wants to run an u/s on my kidney in six weeks to make sure everything looks good and in meeting with my RE for a consult on 10/13 to discuss any further testing we can do, next steps, etc. I'm def not doing any medicated anything until the six week kidney scan at the earliest.

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  1. Oh Amber Im sorry you are going through this. Hope u get better soon and get some answers as to why this keeps occuring.