Monday, January 4, 2016


I had my baseline ultrasound today.  I can't say I'm exactly happy, but my instructions are to proceed so I am.

The right ovary-the only ovary to ever give me follicles that had eggs had 2-3.  In the past it's been 3-4 so that was okay.

The left ovary-the ovary that gives me big, giant empty balls of nothing is also usually 3-4.  This time it was 5-6.  Not only that, but I have a lead follicle at 10mm on that side. I'm pretty nervous to be honest. My nurse said they only worry if it's 15mm, but I just hope it doesn't mess up my cycle.  My left has been known to get big, I'm talking up to like 28-29 mm, but my estrogen never rises until my right grows.

Anyways, I'm considered CD 3 today and I started Femara tonight.  My protocol:

Femara CD 3-7
Gonal F 150 iu CD 6-7
Monopur 75 iu CD 6-7

My next ultrasound will be Saturday, CD 8 at 10:00 am.  We'll see what's going on then and I'll get further instructions after my bloodwork comes in.

I was feeling hopeful and optimistic.  Now I'm just scared.  I didn't realize how badly I wanted this to work until tonight.  I really and truly want this to work out for me with all my heart and I just hope it does.  All I can do is hope and pray and just see what happens.  It's out of my hands and I have to try and remember that.  I'm trying to remain emotionally distant from this process, but it's so hard.

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