Friday, January 29, 2016

Beta #2

I got my beta results today and they didn't double like I'd hoped, although they "almost" did.  It was 156-10 points shy of doubling.

I wasn't happy with this number either.  I've had two pregnancies where one beta more than doubled, the other nearly tripled, I expected it to at least double, but no.  There was a 15 min. difference between the blood draws, but who knows....

I'm scared, but I think that's normal and a defense mechanism.  Last time things went perfectly and it ended with me delivering two beautiful, sleeping children.  This time things aren't as perfect and it puts me at ease.  My clinic is happy and I know many people with worse doubling times where it ended fine, I also know some that doubled fine and it still didn't end well, then I know those who doubled and fine, and didn't double and not fine.  Point it, it's just very early and anything can happen.  It's definitely not over, I just wish things were a bit clearer.

I have a consult with my RE on Monday and they've offered a 3rd beta at that time, which I will do.  I hope it comes back okay.

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  1. I think it's all a guessing game in the early days. Hang in there