Saturday, January 9, 2016

Follie check #1- cd 8

I finished freaking out and crying and thinking the cycle was doomed, so I can calm down and post.

The protocol so far:
CD 3-7 5mg of Femara
CD 6-7 Gonal F 150, Menopur 75

The results:
Today's scan shows a lining of 11.
Right ovary: 2 follicles measuring at 16 mm
Left ovary: nada

E2 is 89

This is actually going okay.  I freaked out when I saw the E2 because I thought it was way too low for having two follicles at the 16 range.  However, I compared it with last January, when I conceived Emma and Chase and my E2 at this time was 94, not a huge difference.  By CD 10 it was 230 and I triggered the next day. With Katie, my E2 was 97 on CD 8. By CD 10 it rose to 256 and I triggered that day.

So, I'm hoping my E2 makes a significant jump between now and Monday and we'll see from there.  Here's hoping.....

CD 8-9 Gonal F 150, Menopur 75
Ultrasound and bloodwork on Monday CD 10.  I will probably trigger then if all looks good and IUI should be CD 12.

Please let this work!


  1. Good luck! Sending you lots of positive vibes!

  2. Good luck! I know this is such a rollercoaster

  3. This is such a rollercoaster :( Wishing you luck!