Monday, January 11, 2016

Follie Check #2 CD 10

Okay, reviewing the protocol:
CD 3-7 Femara 5 mg
CD 6-10, Gonal F 150, Menopur 75

Lining: 11.25
Right Follicle: Two follicles.  One measuring 22 and the other 25.
Left Follicle: One measuring only 9, hurts for some whatever reason

E2 is 221

It is what it is.  Not sure how I feel about it and no way to read into it. I think it's similar from last Jan.  To compare, E2 on the cycle I conceived Katie was 256 on CD 10, and my E2 with Emma and Chase was 230.

We wanted the same nurse who did our cycle when we conceived our first three children.  Her only opening is 1:20 pm.  I trigger tonight at 1:20 am and my IUI will be Wed. the 13th at 1:20 pm.

I have so many thoughts and emotions it's crazy.  I'l prolly do a post on all that later.